On Learning More in Photoshop Than How to Load a Brush


(A piece I did with Christine-Art’s beautiful hand-painted kits! Look for a related post soon!)

Greetings, fellow traveler, on this wonderful journey we call life! Well, it isn’t always wonderful, is it? But, we carry on, don’t we! We have to.

I have been learning Photoshop for the past 12-13 years. I am past the typical ‘basics’ tutorials, like installing pre-sets, how to use the Gradient Tool, installing a Brush four different ways, etc. Now, I want to learn how to use all those tools, filters, blending modes and pre-sets and all the other features of Photoshop. I want to learn techniques. If that is what you want, too, read on!

I have news for you. Be prepared to spend a few dollars, unless you are careful and diligent! I took the plunge and signed up for Photoshop Artistry, then, Awake, then Kaizen, all from the same dude, Sebastian Michaels. I must say, I think these courses were an excellent investment in myself! In addition to his course material, Sebastian has arranged, for us, a free membership to ShiftArt, a PS based artistic teaching site, as well. He worked with a site as a gallery for our works. The site, ArtBoja, is set up for art printing sales, too, where you post your own art and they do all the transactions and mailing, etc. Then, there is the magazine, “Living the Photo Artistic Life”, which features some of the best art images each month. We also receive, included in the fees, some of the nicest resources, from great photographers and designers, with artistic licenses on all but a tiny few.

Prior to Sebastian’s groups, to learn techniques in Photoshops, I searched YouTu.be. It is a treasure trove of great tutorials, but, you might want to go with some of the mainstream artists/PS Masters’ channels. Jesus Ramirez, of PTC, does a grand series of tutorial videos, as well as ColinSmith of PS-Cafe. Dave Cross is another top PS genius with his own learning site. There are so many others, but, checking the videos out is the best way to see who you like to follow. Check out ‘Marty’ from Blue Lightening TV! LOL He has the most pleasant voice and only speaks to give the steps and any explanation necessary.

Pinterest is a great place to find tutorials’ and the links to them. Many of the sites I list for resources have tutorials, as well! Sites like SpoonGraphics, Envato’s TutsPlus, PSD Vault, and PSD Box, just to name a very few, are great places to learn techniques that are a bit more involved than ‘how to install a brush’! Many tutorials will say whether they are ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’ so you can pick your comfort/educational level. Some of these PS sites have a ‘Premium’ feature, in which, for either a monthly and/or yearly fee, you get access to premium-grade resources and/or tutorials, often with the resource files or the original .PSD file included. These range from around $7 to $20 per month, with a discount for the annual rate. It is well worth it to join the sites you get the most out of, if possible.

I must mention, too, the course sites, like Lynda.com, Skillshare, etc. are another way to learn special techniques, with a paid membership. CreativeLive doesn’t have a membership format, but, it offers some awesome courses – live, obviously! After the live course, you can purchase the course with the videos, resources used and even homework! (I have found many of my favorite ‘teachers’ on CL, then, found their websites and followed them from there.) These are priced based on the ‘value’ of the material covered. For instance, Ben Wilmore has been doing a 2 week course “Adobe® Photoshop® CC: The Complete Guide”.  There is a special price while it’s running live, but, then, after completion, the price usually goes up. The sale price on this course is around $130.00, but, trust me, Ben is a genius in Photoshop like you wouldn’t believe! These live courses are usually replayed immediately after for anyone who may have missed the day’s live version. This ‘special’ has ended now.

When I discover a new Photoshop design site/blog that I might like, I subscribe to their newsletter. Most of these sites have this feature. It keeps you abreast of new posts, which may be tutorials or resources, or both! I have done a lot of seeking! I have learned what I know from sites like these and YouTu.be. I like videos, but, reading tutorials with good screenshots can be uber helpful and you can go at your own pace.

With a background in Digital Scrapbooking,  I must mention individual blogs and/or websites. I have learned so much from them! I write a tutorial now and then. But, if your desire is to really learn Photoshop, it would take you ten lifetimes! LOL Some designers/Photoshop-users/artists know their stuff! Some have a sense of design where they have seemingly ‘invented’ techniques, which are their trademark style. These folks are priceless to have in your ‘Follow’ list! ‘Finnabair’ is one of my absolute favorites! And, Maggie Taylor!

I want to take a few lines, here, and say something on individual taught art classes. You know? Like a mini-course from some photographer or designer or another, on how to design ‘just like’ they do. You pay a fee and receive videos and .PDF’s and a dedicated forum, as a rule. I’ve seen classes involving Layer Effects, Blending, Masking, and every other feature Photoshop offers! Choose these courses wisely. One, do you really want to create ‘just like’ a certain artist/designer, or do you just want to learn their tips? Let me let you in on a secret, which brings us to number ‘Two’, most of the material in these courses can be found all over the internet, already! They may be in the designers’ main site or blog, or a dedicated tutorial part of a forum they frequent. Or, Google the term and find thousands of other sites that have tutorials on it. Think about it. How do you think they learned the techniques? I once saw a question in a forum of a shop that is no longer in business. The person was asking how the designer was able to get the brushes to paint ‘dynamically’. In other words, no matter where you paint on your document, the pattern is ‘intact’. The response from the designer was, “We designers can’t reveal all of our secrets.” I wanted so bad to direct the questioner to a tutorial! Um, check the ‘Pattern’ feature box in Brush Settings. That’s it! It is certainly not secret. You can find loads of tutorials on it!

I feel that part of the problem with finding good, helpful tutorials, for what you want to do, from my own experiences, is not knowing what techniques are called. (Do you want to know how long it took me to find out what those ‘dynamic brushes’ were called and how to create them?? LOL) Again, I learned most of the terms by reading.  Throw ‘luminosity masks’ or ‘dynamic brushes’ or ‘reverse layer mask’ into a tutorial and everyone is freaking out! “That’s too hard!” I know! But! All the latter is is a regular ol’ layer mask – inverted. Rather than white, revealing the layer’s image, it’s black, completely hiding the layers image. The beauty of this is that, often, it is easier to ‘paint in’, with a white brush, what you want to see, rather than remove what you don’t want, with a black brush on a white mask. If you lower the mask’s Opacity, you can see enough of the image to paint in what you want. Just be sure to raise the Opacity back up when done! LOL

I have to mention, too, there are some major classes put on each year by groups of designers who each offer their expertise on their given talent/feature, like real-life painting and ‘art journaling’, etc. Think ‘Photoshop Week’, but, mainly for journalers and artsy crafters. Actually, these are more ‘events’ than courses!  “LifeBook” is one that happens every year for the past several years. Scrapaneers does one, as well! Debbie Hodge has a learning website with special ‘Courses’,  loads of info and tutorials and resources. Hers is more from a designer’s point of view. Her site is GetItScrapped.

Word of mouth goes a long way, so, look at the side bars on blogs you visit. If you like the content of a blog, their links in the side bar should be a reflection of their tastes.

This is by no means a complete compilation of places to learn Photoshop. I tried to just touch on the different types of learning/teaching there is out there. I hope this helps someone!

Starting All Over….Again!

Once again, I have changed the way my blog is handled, as far as domain and hosting, etc. I just applied my own domain, suruha.com, to this WordPress blog. It costs, in addition to the domain ownership fee, but, it will be worth it.

For now, I am just getting the blog up and running under my domain name. All of the old posts will be archived as the links are no longer valid with my old host. Even the photos have gone awry! LOL I know so little about this stuff.

I plan to repost the freebies, the ones that I think are worth it, on a designated page. Then, as I post new goodies, they, too, will be added. What this will mean for you, my precious reader, is you have a choice! For anyone who is interested in what I have to say, read the posts. Folks who don’t care for the ramblings of this ol’ hippie chick, just skip on past to the downloads! I do not mind that at all!

My ‘Lists’ of resources have been here and there, between blog/host changes, but, I am working on those, as well. There’s nothing more aggravating, to me, at least, than a page full of links to resources that is out-dated or incorrect. Be patient. I just updated the ‘Blinkies and Banners’ page.  That is to say that the blinkies that are there all go to the sites designated. I will add more recent blinkies as my interests have broadened and new ones have replaced some of the old interests.  The ‘Resources’ page is yet to be updated, but, the links are there. Many of them are still good since these are the ‘diehard go-to’ sites even now.  Same thing with the ‘Links – Stock’ page.  I also plan to add an ‘Art Journal’ page with links to some great resources and tutorials. I used to have a page for it on another edition of this blog, but, I have no idea where it went! LOL

I adore digital art! And, Photoshop(PS)! I cut my teeth on PS by joining the digi-scrapbooking community. The people on those sites and forums are some of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It is an awesome community! I can honestly say, without a shadow of a doubt or fear of contradiction, that they taught me the most about the craft!  As I got to know my way around PS, I gave away the goodies that I had made while practicing. Some are, well, less than ‘good’ies! LOL  As time went on, I started trying to find a way to translate my art, any art, into digital. I love fantasy, folk, hand-painted, photo-manipulating and collage arts!  I like to see actual hand-made art, only in digital format. As I ventured into new things, I encountered Art Journaling. If you’ve ever kept a journal or a diary, that is what it is, only you do it with art.  You can add journaling text to the art, but, either way, the process of creating a piece is as therapeutic as the writing! If the writing is personal, I can cover it up, or turn off that layer before posting.

In the past year or so, I have worked at creating resources for one to use in their own art or art journaling. I have made brushes, patterns, textures, overlays, gosh – all kinds of stuff! I will start posting that stuff and giving it away to anyone who may be interested. My old format on past blogs was to post some tutorials on topics that I liked or felt would be helpful to others. Those will return! For all the help I received from other people whilst learning PS and digital art, I want to offer my expertise in any way possible. Karma is a value I live by – you get back what you put forth.  I want to give back and this is the place I intend to do that!

I do hope you will come back and visit. I will put a sign-up form back in place so you can get updates by e-mail, if you feel it is what you would like!

Meanwhile, thank you for coming here and do come again. Oh, and…




New Blog, New Freebies – Pts 3 and 4 “April Showers”

Greetings from my new blog at Word Press!  The domain name of it is ‘A Lady in Florida’, as you may have noticed.  I hope this doesn’t confuse too much.  It has the by-line, ‘A Freespirit Weblog’, so, the name on my freebies, ‘Freespirit’, will stay the same.

This is my first real post since I made the move.  If you didn’t see my last post on Blogger, I got so fed up with that site, I came back here!  This was my first ever blog!  I had just this one for a short time.  My intentions were to learn CSS, or at least WP design.  But, Photoshop entered my life and I never looked back!  LOL  I have spent the past few years learning PS.  It wasn’t until after I got on Blogger that I began meeting people and when I became a member of the digital scrapbooking community.  Everyone is accustomed to reading my posts in Blogger, so, it may take a little getting used to.  But, and this is a promise, nothing will change as far as posting goes.

I will still post the monthly freebie from Miss Edna and I.  If you are new to my blog posts, Miss Edna, from ‘Miss Edna’s Place’, and I collaborate together each month on a digi-scrap kit to give away as a freebie to our readers.  We release two parts each per week, for three weeks of each month.  We don’t post on the first Monday of the month, but, rather, the second. third and fourth Mondays of the month.  Two parts per week, each, would be four parts.  Then, we do that for three weeks.  So, twelve!  By month’s end, you will have twelve(12) new parts to our kit.

The links for the older things I made and posted when I was on Blogger are all still active. You can either visit Suruha-Freespirit, or, go to my ‘Freebies Previews and Links’ page, listed above in the menu bar.  On that page, there are recent freebies previews with the links to the post they are in at Suruha-Freespirit.

Enough of this chit-chat!  You kind folks have had to read all kinds of notices and find your way around my move.  I’m sure you are ready to be done!  This month’s freebie collaboration, ‘April Showers’, Parts 3 and 4, with Miss Edna’s Place are here!  Below are the previews for “April Showers”.

 Part 3 – http://min.us/mE5HpyH9e


Part 4 – http://min.us/mbm2CGjpzk

Though the previews are separated by papers and elements, each ‘Part’ will have a mixture of papers and elements.  These previews are just so you can see what is in the kit better – hopefully.  Also, Parts 1 and 2 come to you as Quick Pages (QP’s).  Then, subsequent weeks will bring the papers and elements so you can create your own scrapbooking pages/designs.

I made too much for this kit, as usual.  So, I put some of the goodies on ‘collage sheets’, 3600pxs x 3600pxs(12″ x 12′) at 300 dpi, and will give you those links separate from the kit links.  There are three of them, so, watch for them.

Below is Miss Edna’s link.  If I am able I will post her preview.  I had to type this up on Friday and set it for scheduled posting on Monday.  I am having some major upgrade work done on Monday and I didn’t want it to interfere with my Monday post.  As of this typing, I do not have Miss Edna’s preview.   If I get it before the work, I will sure add it below.  If not though, click on her blog name, below, to go to her blog, Miss Edna’s Place, for her parts, if you haven’t already been there.

Miss Edna’s Blog – http://www.missednasplace.blogspot.com

That is going to do it, then, for this first post on this blog!  If you came over from the old blog, I sure do appreciate it!  I will have things up and running more smoothly as soon as I can!  Thank you for your patience and your patronage!  You mean a lot to me!

Until next time…



A New Day

Welcome to this blog!  If we haven’t ever ‘met’, my name is ‘Su’ and I am moving over from Blogger.  I can’t believe I lasted this long over there!  But, now, I am moving here permanently.  Screw Blogger!  LOL

My ‘thing’ is digital art and scrapbooking.  When I first got Photoshop, I set out to learn the program on my own, with a little outside help from a course here and an article there.  As I was already an interested member of the scrappin’ community, it seemed only natural to use that to learn on.  I learned to make simple things, like a scrap paper.  From there, as I learned PS, I ventured into other design stuff and started giving away what I make on my blog.  You can see what I have made, and download what you like, on the Suruha-Freespirit Blog.

It is my plan to do the same with this blog, only, now that I am more adept at PS, I will be publishing better quality and a variety of content for the scrapbooking folks.  I am trying to get everything set up here to carry on with my routine.  Until I get the basics down and learn WP, please be patient.

I will be posting scrap stuff right away – next Monday, to be precise.  I am working on a ‘feed’ or, at least, an e-mail alert function so that you will be notified when I do post.  Until then, note this addy so you can come back and read me.  My old Blogger blog will have a forwarding link to here.

It’s nice to have you here.

Thank you!