New Collab Freebie & Great Links

A good Tuesday to you!  Yesterday, the US celebrated our 4th of July, so, it was a national holiday.  I understand Canada Day was yesterday, too!  In other words, the continent of North America was rockin’!  LOL  All I heard outside was fire-crackers and sirens.  I sincerely hope you all had a good weekend!  I have the g-kids home with me.  My community didn’t have fireworks like they usually do.  We had to go to a near by town to see them.  Everyone was up late!  Late = tired = let them sleep in!  LOL
I started keeping track of the links I find while visiting the net.  Before, I was jotting them down on scrap paper.  When it came time to post, I was digging around, looking for those scraps.  I got the bright idea of adding them to a ‘note’ in my “Notepad”.  What a difference!  So, I have a couple I want to give you today.
Pixel Dust Photo Art is a blog you need to visit.  I mean that.  For one thing, she offers a lot of her know how in her articles/tutorials.  She uses textures to get some of the most beautiful effects imaginable.  See what she did with the roses her hubby gave her. Her gallery is chock-full of images that have been enhanced, one way or another, and they are just plain lovely!  She sells sets of her textures, but, there are also freebies.  Those of you who are into photography, or photo-enhancement, should find some goodies they can use.  Everyone can!  Give her blog a visit and see for yourself.
Next, if you ever stumble when it comes to a nice color palette for a layout or design, let ‘Design Seeds” help you.  This blog presents you with a colorful image with the color palette extracted from it.  The combinations are beautiful!  Here is a recent example:
Click on image to visit site
I found this blog very inspiring!  You should give it a whirl!
The last one for today is Mel’s Brushes.  I know you must have already run across some of her beautiful brushes somewhere!  If not, though, her blog and the store are the center of her creativity.  Included are resources, for crafts, scrapbooking, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as, shapes, patterns, textures, just to mention a few topics!  Her menu bar is loaded!  A good deal of the items are free, but, even the things for purchase are an excellent deal!  Check it out!  You have to go get these brushes, below, if nothing else!  LOL
Image linked to Mel’s Brushes
Seriously, this lady has been around since I started and I’ve used plenty of her goodies.  I just never knew about the blog and store.  Here is one of her recent offerings:
Image linked to Mel’s Brushes
Vintage!  LOL  I love anything vintage!
Last week was mine and Edna’s off week for our freebie.  This week, we start back with July’s freebie, “From Sea to Shining Sea.”  It’s a fun little kit with a summer-y theme that I think you’ll enjoy.
Here is my preview, click on it to go to MediaFire for download.  Then, below that, is Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it to go to Miss Edna’s Place for her parts today.  We give away six(6) parts each, over a three(3) Monday period.  Our first two parts are ‘quick pages’ we’ve made, then, the remaining parts are scrapping papers and elements for you to create your own layouts.  Here, then, are our previews:
Parts 1 & 2
My Preview (click to go to download)
Miss Edna’s Preview (click to go to her blog)
We posted on Tuesday, this week, due to the holiday, but, look for us back again on Monday of next week to collect the rest of this fun kit!  Until then, ya’ll have a safe and fun week!  And, remember to…

SU CheshireCat

Collab Freebies – Parts 3 and 4, Plus Vintage Links

Hi, there!  The other day I did a little web surfing and I wanted to post just a couple of links and goodies for you.  Also, for today, Miss Edna and I have some more parts for you from ‘Mouse Love’.  Before I get into links, I want to show you this.  Creative Live is offering a new two-day free course on Photoshop’s Elements 9, Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22.Click on the ad to go to CreativeLive and sign up!

I’ll see you there!  Though I have CS5, I am always open to learning anything about PS.  I understand from some one else that Lesa is good, too!
Now, I know a lot of you love vintage.  I sure do!  I love vintage anything!  LOL  So, whilst surfing, I have come across an awesome site for vintage freebies.  JinxMim at DeviantArt has some of the nicest sets of vintage ware, steampunk, fairies, mermaids, jewelry, fashion stock, toys, birds, lanterns, you get the idea.  I don’t know just how many of you know about and/or use DeviantArt, but, it is a wealth of wonderful goodies.  One thing you must do, though, on DA.  You have to read the terms.  Some of the artists allow use of their stuff on DeviantArt only.  They post their TOU’s, so, be sure you read them.  And, everybody loves a kind word and thanks!  There are some stipulations as a rule at DA, but, it is well worth it!  And, JinxMim is a great place to go.
What got me turned on to JinxMim’s site was Design Share.  This is a good place for freebies.  They are similar to a ‘search engine’, posting some fabulous stuff, including DeviantArt goodies.  That’s rare that you find those links, but, hey, great idea!  Not only that, but the lady behind it all spells her name the same way as I do, Su, only she has the ‘umlauts’, I think they’re called – two dots, over the ‘u’.  LOL Hi, Su!  Su also keeps “Star Sunflower Studio”, so give her a visit if you like.  She has scrapbooking goodies and resources for web and digi-design.
Back to vintage, here are a few links to sites that have some great elements and/or designs for scrapbooking vintage-style:

Vintage Scrapbooking

Pressies and Musings

Reusable Art

Vinatage and Clip-Art by Clear-Cut Stock-DA

Art-e-zine – Ephemera

Box of Apples

Plan 59

Those should keep you busy!  LOL  Again, I ask that you please read the TOU’s before using any of the images/stock from the links I have shared.

Alrighty, then, moving right along…

Here are the next two(2) parts to “Mouse Love”, the June collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  Last week we shared two(2) parts and next week, we’ll share the last two(2) parts.  We usually do six(6) parts each, for a total of twelve(12) parts when all is collected.  Below are the previews.  Click on the elements image for Pt. 3 and the papers image for Pt. 4.  When done here, be sure to visit Miss Edna’s Place for her parts.  Click on her preview to go there.

My Part 3

My Part 4

Click on the preview to go to Miss Edna’s Place to collect her parts:


As an extra added bonus with my parts, I did some of the elements in collage sheets.  They are the elements that are the same, they just come in several colors.  Rather than tons of images, I just placed them all on the sheets for you if you want to use them.  I can get more into a kit this way.  Here is a preview of the sheets.  These are added in with the Parts, so, you will have them with those downloads.  No need for a separate download..

Finally, I searched out and found some more ‘smile’ images.  My father used to always tell me to smile.  When I was grown and living way far away, he once sent me some money with a scrap of torn paper.  On it, he had written with pen, “Think Happy, Love Pappy”  I still have that scrap of paper.  Anyway!  You all are in for some nice treats with this new bunch of images.  Let’s start with today’s:

Ya’ll have a marvelous day!

SU CheshireCat

Summertime, Inspiration and a Freebie

(Note:  This is a long one!  LOL  I have a lot to share today!)

I guess I always thought of summer beginning when the school year ended.  That was all that mattered to a school child.  Summer vacation!  Wheeee!  It was more the freedom from the school routine, at first.  Then, as the third day of sleeping in rolled around, it was time to start the vacation.  Of course, it wasn’t really vacation.  That was when the whole family went to the beach for two weeks.  But, summer days, trapsing through the neighborhood woods, riding our bikes to places we had only seen from a car window, and the hours spent, swinging over Hogtown Creek, trying to break the record – that was summer vacation for us kids!  Never did see that record everyone kept breaking.  I guess it was pretty ‘broken up’ by the time I attempted it.  LOL  Things have obviously changed since I was a child, but, my summer vacations were of the memorable nature.  Fond memories!  And, no summer school for me!

For many folks, vacations mean visiting some of nature’s gorgeous destinations.  In the US, the Grand Canyon was always a biggy.  Growing up, we stayed in motels, like when we spent two weeks every summer at Daytona Beach.  When my children were coming up, though, we camped.  There used to be some places over at the beach, but, on the inlet side of A1A, where trails led back into dunes and mangrove stands.  You could almost get lost navigating your way amongst sand and sun and trails, barely big enough for the family car.  Our favorite place was along the water’s edge.  The Matanzas Inlet, which runs parallel to the beach, was an ideal spot.  We’d find a place along the shore, secluded by mangrove shrubs, and set up.  Central to the site was the fire pit.  We dug a shallow hole and built a fire from twigs and sticks we would find along the shore, but, we always brought logs from home to burn.  Sometimes, we would have a tent to set up, but, most of the time, a blanket or sleeping bag around the fire was just fine.  We’re talking summer nights on the beach!  During the day, we’d head over to the beach, which involved a quick walk up and across A1A and down a path.  The beach along this spot had these huge rocks along the water’s edge.  From the erosion and wear from all those waves, the rocks had unusual patterns on them.
Standing on those rocks is the best way to view the sunrise.  We did that so many times!  With some of the rocks you can sit down in the eroded centers.  It’s like a personal-sized hot tub.  LOL  Truth be known, these rocks play a role in some monthly rituals for some ladies I know.  I won’t go into that here, but, suffice to say, it is an extremely spiritual experience!
Come nightfall and we were all gathered around the fire.  Being a stone’s throw from the inlet, the boys would fish.  Sometimes, someone came along with us that brought a boat.  We would venture off on little excursions, returning every so often to check in and grab a snack.  We brought most of the food with us, like a large jug of orange juice and a couple of boxes of donuts for breakfast.  Several times, lunch was a package of hot dogs, purchased from the near by minute mart, heated in their microwave oven and slathered with bought ketchup and plopped on buns.  The children loved it!  It saved us from having to pack a bunch of food and worry over spoilage.  
We had some fun times at our ‘beach place’.  Weekend after weekend, we headed to the beach every Friday afternoon and returned, burnt, sandy and tired on Sunday afternoons.  My children have fond memories of the days spent at the beach.  I do, too.  My most fond memory was the ‘phosphorescence’
Everywhere the water is ‘disturbed’, it luminesces this kind of light.  It’s an organism, or is created by some organism, that attracts mates and dinner, but, it looks so cool!  If you ‘swoosh’ your hand through the water, it leaves glowing trails.  This wasn’t there all the time, but, when it was, it was neat.  Every time a boat went past on the waterway, the waves danced with this eerie blue light.  The effect was magical!  The children were mesmerized.  So was I!  LOL
What fun!  Our wonderful camp site was eventually built over.  Some developers came in and built condominiums on the spot.  It’s flat and treeless with the exception of their ‘landscaped palms’.  It’s very sad.  Each week, when we packed up, we made certain that all we left behind was our footprints.  There’s nothing worse than pulling up to the water’s edge, only to find beer cans and rubbish.  Not only that, but, we shared that spot with a lot of wild life.  Trash is harmful to them!  This applies to anywhere you go.  Nature is beautiful as is.  When we visit a spot and take in the beauty, it is so important not to leave traces of our visits.  It isn’t just necessary, it is our responsibility to this planet.  I actually found this cool video today and it fits in with what I am writing.  Check it out – it’s short:
I thought this was cute!
So, that’s my message to you today.  Find yourself a barber!  LOL  Seriously, when I learned all about the different periods in this planet’s cycle back in school, little did I ever think we would witness such an huge a shift in things in our lifetime.  We learned about the “Ice Age” and so forth.  This warming of the planet is the end of ice and the beginning, or transition into, an entirely different era – apparently one dominated by water.  LOL  It won’t affect any of us too much in our lives, but, it will affect future generations.  Though it cannot be stopped, we can sure do all we can to ensure our children’s children’s children have a chance to enjoy all the lovelies in our world.  Each of us has to do our part.

I have some links to add today.  I have found two that I want to share.  Both are primarily for ‘inspiration’ for me, but, you may find them useful in other ways.  The first is Polyvore.  Polyvore is about style.  Your style.  Other folks’ styles.  You really must see this.  People make up vignettes of different objects/things they find online.  Not only are some of the layouts gorgeous, they list every source for each and every thing in the vignette.  Here is one:

For 2 Junkyard Diva’s by tattered*rose featuring a crop tank

As you ‘roll over’ the different parts of the layout, you can see what the item is and from where it comes, with links.  You build your own layouts and comment on each other’s.  There are groups that hold challenges.  It seems like quite the community!  I like to search the “Art and Expression” gallery.  As most of the layouts are for clothing and accessories’ style, art layouts have a lot more in them, as a rule.  I’ve found some awesome websites this way.  I’ll see some pretty adornment, follow the link and enjoy some great sites.  The folks who make these layouts are quite talented!  I peruse these pages for a spell and soon I am off to Photoshop to create.  This Polyvore place is neat!  Go visit them and you won’t be disappointed.  I promise!

The other site is Pinterest.  Pinterest is a social website by definition.  Here, people find things that they love, or like, online, and post them in ‘boards’, which is a collage, of sorts, that you create, of sets of images of your ‘likes’.  (My English teacher just turned over in her grave. lol)  In a way, Pinterest is like Polyvore.  On Pinterest, though, you could ‘pin'(what you do when you collect a link or an image – pin it to one of your ‘boards’) anything you like.  Find a recipe that sounds good?  Pin it!  Like the new scrapbooking designs from your favorite designer?  Pin it!  You may see where this is quite inspiring.  I have gained some marvelous ideas from this site, so far.  To sign up, it says you have to be invited.  You place your name on a list.  I heard back in less than an hour!  If you don’t hear soon enough, though, leave me a comment and I’ll invite you!  Here is a screenshot of what to expect:
Maybe we’ll see each other over there!  LOL
 At Digital Whispers, I am the new admin for the new “Secrets” group.  LOL  It’s a group where we share our Photoshop ‘secrets’ and tips.  The type of things that have made it in here are things that aren’t necessarily posted anywhere online, but, have been passed along and are used frequently in what we do.  From ‘keystrokes’ to ‘techniques’, the folks there are revealing them!  It’s cool to see how another artist does one of their techniques, then, shares a ‘how to’ with the rest of us!
I’ve shared about ‘actions’.  I love these things!  It isn’t just that you can whip up a bow or some element and slap it in a kit.  An action is a chance for me to click through the steps to make it, one by one, thus learning new things.  What I have is a ‘box’, a shadow box.  I made up a box in greyscale, and placed the individual parts on for you.  Click on the preview to go download.  Use the arrows on either side of the image to collect four(4) parts to the box, the back, sides, frame and corner pieces.  They are all .PNG files in ‘full-size’, based on 12″ by 12″ at 300 dpi.  I decorated my corners to look like they are old, etched gold. 
Mom and Dad’s Wedding Day – beads-jtsdesigns,
You can decorate it anyway you like.  For our challenge, we are creating a “Mystory Box”.  Mystory is anything about YOU.  If you love cats, Nani, you could create a shadow box of kitty images, some pretty ribbons and patterns.  You could make copies and design a neat layout of boxes, building them up like the shadow boxes in your mom’s hallway at home.  
Layout suggestion
You decide and have fun with it.  But, that is the point – it should be about you and for you.  But, don’t hesitate to share with us if you make something.
To post a link in a comment, this page has some easy, quick instructions – in pictures, even.  LOL  But, basically, type what is in blue:
Make certain you include the quotation marks (“) both directly before and directly after the URL.  Obviously you would plug-in your information, the URL and the title, but, this is how it is done.  I should say that this is how it is done on Blogger.  LOL  I am not sure about other blog formats.
That’s a gonna do it for today.  You know what I want?  I want you to 

SU CheshireCat

Freebie Labels & Links

Happy HUMP Day, you all!  I love my new computer!  It’s so fast!  I still want  a new keyboard, but, hey!  I am not complaining.  I spent some time working on Photoshop and it takes no time now!  I can get so much more done!  Big HUGS to my PC Guy!  (notice it’s capitalized – LOL)
I have a few things for you.  I have been getting up and about a lot more.  It is a far cry better than laying around!  Sheesh!  In my catching up, I ran across a couple things to tell you.  Shall we get started?
Whilst searching for stock for a project at DW, I found a link to a website that has the most awesome ‘fantasy’ stuffs!  Bella Donna Designs is an awesome site!  To start, she, Diana Hlive, is an artist and an author.  There is her shop, with her art, of course, but, also, you can purchase lots of goodies decorated with her art.  Okay?  Then, she has her Books.  Her latest, “The Secret of the Fairies”, is a guide, a must have, for all the fairy lovers.  There is information and things you can do and make to facilitate the wee ones. But, that is not all.  She makes ‘Artist Supplies’ that are FREE.  All she asks in return is a mention.  She makes gorgeous textures and posers and stamps.  You really must see what she has there!  The things are so colorful and pretty!  Be sure, too, to check out her video page in “About Me”.  Nice!
I have been adding to my “Resources” page.  The link is at the top of the page beneath the header.  When I get more links in there, I will post an article about it.  Right now, I am in the process and there are only a few new ones.  If you’ve never gone there, give it a try.  I have it sorted into categories so you can find what you like.
I have another link for you.  I may have written on this site before, but, I’m not sure.  “World Label” has some really great labels you can download for free.  They are real in to ‘vintage’, so, look for all the sweet old tags and labels.  There is an article on old-fashioned flour labels.  At the bottom of the posts are links to download the .PDFs of the labels, in color, some in multiple color choices.  Check out these labels:
If you click on the image, you will be taken to a little project using these vintage labels.  At the bottom of the article is the download.  There are labels you can color or add your own words to, also.  Like these ‘Apothecary’ labels.:
(click on preview to go to article to download)
You could use these for journal blocks or tags.  And, lest we forget, a .PDF can be opened in Photoshop.  They are both Adobe.
That’s a gonna do it for tonight.  I am off to go play with some photo-manipulations.  LOL  I love working with stock images, tweeking them this way and that, extracting the best parts and, then, putting them together in a new fantasy image.  I’ll have to post some more of my works.
  But, before I go, I do have something for you.  I had found these labels on one of the vector sites.  They had ‘example text’ in all the blank areas where one would place their words.  So, I cleaned them up and put them in .PNG format so I could share them with you.  The colors actually match the last collaboration Miss Edna and I did for April.  Click on the preview to download.
But, that is not all!  I also made these!  Each ‘edge’ or ‘border’ is separate.  Mix and match them.  Change the colors if you like.  They look cool on a page’s side, with elements coming out from behind them.  Click on preview to download.
Now, I’m done!  I must go lay down!  LOL  Do remember to

SU CheshireCat

Links, Stuff & 3 Freebies!

Since I have been down with this most recent ‘back-attack’, I have tried to start a post several times.  Needless to say, they sit in draft form in my Blogger file.  I hate to lose what I so tediously wrote, so, I am going to take parts of each writing and interject them in here.  I hope it makes sense to everyone.  I was medicated.  That’s the reason I wouldn’t hit the ‘publish’ button when I wrote those posts.  I didn’t know if what I wrote was acceptable or not.  Isn’t that awful?  I learned, though, some time ago, don’t write anything that others can see while under the influence of any kind of mind-altering substance.  Pain meds fall into that category, as well as alcohol, I’m sure.  I don’t drink, but, can only imagine.   I’ve read through them and they appear harmless.  LOL
I have been working on a new header for a little while, now.  In between everything else, I got it to where I am happy with it.  I placed it earlier.  It is my collage of things about me or the things I love.  I put in vintage, like in the flowers, cherubs and fae.  I put in some whimsy, in Cinderella’s Carriage, the mermaid and the March Hare button from Studio Tangee.  I put a reference to my art with the artist’s palette and with the Photoshop icon and feather.  Finally, I made reference to myself with a globe, for my love of learning, and the perfume, ’cause I am a lady!  LOL  The frames serve no purpose other than to give a base, a framework, for the junk up there.  And, I love vintage frames.
There’s one more item up there and it’s kind of a fun, ‘secret’ thing.  The keyhole has little tiny faeries through it if you can get in close enough to see.  LOL  It’s just for fun!  When I was a little girl. I had a dress with a clover leaf pattern.  The label said that there was one(1) 4-leaf clover, somewhere on the dress.  Of course, I found it right away – almost.  I thought that was the coolest thing EVER!  If there is one thing that I have when doing all this, it is FUN!  I love creating and putting it all down so I can enjoy it.  I’m not a big FaceBook person, but, since so many folks I know, including my family, are on it frequently, I decided to post my artwork up there in a gallery.  When I have completed adding it all up to date, I’ll post about it.  In case anyone is interested.  LOL

This past month, over at Digital Whispers, we had a couple of really neat learning experiences, as usual.  But, one stood out among the rest.  I think I mentioned it before, but, we did a “Zetti” Round Robin.  We each took turns adding our own ‘part(s)’ to one image.  The end result was so fun!
LOL  That’s what “Zetti” is.  I read one definition, that it is a hodge-podge of body parts.  That one seems to be the best since body parts are a given in Zetti.  In my research on this art style, I came across some interesting things.  I have been promising some links for you for a while, now, so, here we go!

Starting off the list is “The Sum of All Crafts”.   This chick dabbles in a little bit of everything craft-wise.  Valerie has an awesome blog.  When you first see it, especially if you are a digital artist/designer, you think you’ve stumbled upon a hybrid crafts site.  Along the top menu bar are topics such as “Swirly Flowers” and “Punch-Art Samples”.  These are the cutest ornaments and flowers for embellishing anything you make.  But, that is not it!  Well, it is that, but, it has much, much more!  She has, literally, hundreds of downloadable vintage images for use in crafting and art.  Check out the side bar “Labels”.  She has quite a bit there, all categorized for you!  Near the bottom, under Zetti/Steampunk, I think, she has some great ‘parts’.  Beginning January 23, 2011, Valerie released a set of images to use in making Zetti and/or Steampunk art, or any kind of art for that matter.  There are arms and heads and some neat mechanical parts.  LOL  You got to check it out.  The give away of the Zetti/Steampunk stuff runs for thirteen(13) days, so, make some time and enjoy all this chick has to offer.  I bet there is something there you will like!

This next link comes with a tip for convenience.  I found it as an answer to a dilemma.  When we did our ‘Round Robin’ at DW, each person would add their part, then, save the .jpg and post it on the forum for the next person.  We each added our part with our program of choice, Photoshop, PSP, Paint, etc.  But, to post it, it could only be in .png or .jpg format.  Our forum will host a .psd file, but, only up to about 8 mbs.  Anything over that and it would not post.  So, you can imagine the difficulties in trying to add your part to an ‘established’ image.  The first parts end up being almost completely covered up by subsequent artists’ additions. 

As it so happened, all of us were using Photoshop, so, we were all working in layers.  I recalled a website I have used a time or two,  My Yahoo mail attachments don’t show .png files, for some reason, so, I had been using to post logos and previews of the monthly freebie kit for Miss Edna.  By sending her the link in an e-mail, she could easily access the images and download them, too.  Easy-peasy!  I suggested we try this for our Round Robin and it worked great!  After each person added what they wanted, they uploaded the piece to and posted the link in the forum.  The very act of uploading generates a link. One doesn’t have to register to use this site; some folks don’t like registering all over the place.   We still had to post a .jpg on the forum pages to share each addition of our parts, but, it made working on the piece so much easier. is a great way to share a working document, even a .psd! Screenshot

 I just want to add:  I know that you don’t really want to mess with what another person has added, but, sometimes, just moving an element over a tiny bit to make room for your parts, or, maybe, slipping your addition in behind other parts, is necessary.  In a way, this defeats the premise behind a Round Robin – you work with what you get.  But, we were in an educational state for this challenge, learning about Zetti as we went.  I think it will be alright for this.  LOL  Everyone seemed happy with the final piece.  The whole point is to be able to share the files within our group and was fab for that!

Okay!  Next!  Have you ever taken a snapshot, or seen one, that would look awesome as a piece of art hanging on your wall?  Some are ‘ready to hang’, whereas, with some, if they just had that ‘artistic rendering’, they would certainly be masterpieces.  Now, you can do this to a photo and the results are phenomenal!  Check out Vangobot’s “Pop Art Machine”.   If you prefer the ‘Masters’, this may not be it, but, well, try it out on one of your photo images and see what comes out of it.  I am not even going to try to explain how this works, but, two artists created this ‘robot’ to turn simple images into gorgeous pieces of art.  Their site has some videos that show all about it.  Then, there is the ‘machine’.  LOL  It’s under “Interactive” at Vangobot’s.  You can upload an image, like that wonderful photo, and apply any one of several dozen ‘styles’ to it.  You have to try it out!  It is amazing!

I took this image from my hard drive and applied all of the styles, on by one, before deciding on the one I chose.  Here’s the before image:

This is after, with the ‘Hull Curves’ style implemented:

I opted for a subtle change, but, well, check it out.  Here are a few more style examples:

Isn’t that cool?  I had to take a screenshot and then crop it to have a copy of my own, but, I think it is awesome!  Imagine the possibilities!  I played around with my image:

I’m sure there are other uses.  It depends on the image you upload.  Maybe you’ll come up with a few of your own.  I just thought this was neat!
You know I always have something for you.  These are some “Mommy-type” goodies that I created.  First, I have an ornamental frame strip:
Click on the preview to go download from
Then, there are some pretty ‘parfum’ bottles on a collage sheet.  I tried to give these a painted look.  They’re kind of messy, but, I put some work into them and I’m not going to trash them.  LOL  Here ya go!
Click on the preview to go download from
Last, but, not least, is a little kit I put together of pretties for you all since this weekend is Mothers Day.  There are some flowers, naturally.  I made the pattern for the ‘Damask’ papers myself.  I’ll tell ya about that another time.  There is also perfume, or ‘parfum’.  LOL  I like that spelling.  The thing with this kit is that I either made it or it was copyright free.  That means I can give it to you for ‘Commercial Use’.  Which means, you, too, can give away stuff you make with parts from this kit.  LOL  I love all this ‘double talk’!  It’s necessary, though.  Whenever I use stuff that belongs to another, I can give it away for ‘Personal Use’ only.  I cannot ‘pass along’ any rights.  If I make it or there is no copyright on it, I can give it to you and you can use it to make something.  (I don’t want to ever see anything I make go for profit!  It’s just my experiments, but, I feel strongly about this.)
Also, just a note, this is not the monthly collaboration that I do with Miss Edna.  We will bring you that starting next week, Monday, May 9th.  This is Miss Edna’s week to be a part of the Gothic Inspirations blog train.  It always runs on the first of each month. so, that week is our off week for the collab.  Starting next Monday, we’ll bring you two(2) parts a week, each, for three Mondays(weeks).
Click on each preview to go to MediaFire to download:
There!  I finally got all that posted!  LOL  I make such a grand production out of every blog post that it takes me forever to post.  Then, my posts are so full of content, it takes a day to read!  Oh, well!  Consider it a visit from me.  LOL  At least, I don’t post every day!
So, that is it for this post!  You all have a really nice Mothers Day, if you is a mommy.  If not, have a great weekend, anyway!  Until next time…

SU CheshireCat