Some Art, Some Links & Some More Kittie Collab Freebie

I got so homesick, I came home last weekend, a week early!  LOL  My visit with Edna was so pleasant and relaxing.  Saturday night, though, I started feeling melancholy.  I missed my Chelsea and the grandchildren!  I came home on Monday and it was so nice to be here.   The grand-b’s were so delighted to see me, and I, them.  When things settled down and I started getting ready for bed, I missed Chelsea.  This is the first time I have come home from being away and Chelsea was not here to greet me.  I kept looking for her.  Miss Tootsie, Edna’s doggie, was a great diversion, at first.  She got a lot of my affections along with Edna’s.  It held me over until I got home.
While I was gone there were a couple of crisis situations which, for the most part, my daughter handled very well.  No, really!  She did good!  LOL  There was the glass in the storm door thing.  There is someone that is supposed to come out and measure for the new one.  There was the kitchen range, which ‘blew up’.  We have a new one now!  And, the dishwasher incident.  Jaela went and pushed all the buttons, causing it to jam or some crap.  A light was flashing and nothing worked.  After trying to see if she could figure it out, my daughter slapped the dickens out of the front of the darn thing and now it works fine!  LOL  I’m not kidding!
There are two things I would like to share with you all.  They are both for textures, but, hey, one can never have enough textures.  Wanna know how much I love textures?  I have 33.7gigabytes of ’em!  LOL  I was surprised to see how big that folder is.  But, you’ll soon see why.  I’ve written about Caleb Kimbrough before.  Everyone has heard of Caleb, I’m sure.  But, anyway.  He creates the most awesome textures!  You want grunge?  He does grunge, from soft to ridiculous!  He has a hand in a bunch of different projects/sites.  Among some of them are Lost and Taken, Zen Textures, his Flickr account and a regular guest host spot on StockVault’s Blog for a feature called “Free Texture Friday”.  Ya think he’s busy?  LOL  Here is a list of those links for you if you want to check him out.
(There are individual texture downloads in the Gallery.)

M’kay?  Caleb also does guest posting on other blogs from time to time.  His textures are very nice!  But, I also want to tell you about 10 Raven’s.  The textures are not the only thing there is on this site.  There are stock images, as well.  But, the textures and images are good.  It is well worth the visit. 
I haven’t been online much, nor have I really been working on my art.  I did this piece for one of Digital Whisper’s Photo-Manipulation Challenge.  I put it up for revision.  Kimmie is awesome with her tutoring!  She really urges us to push the envelope and she offers some excellent tips on shading and high-lighting, focal points, blending, etc .  We have a new DeviantArt group, now, too.  It is a photo-manip group, with challenges.  Only, we can shove the damned envelope onto the floor over there!  LOL  We’re not that bad!  We all just have a bit of a preference for the ‘dramatic’ when it comes to art.  There!  LOL  Anyway, here’s that recent piece:
I’m extremely late in posting, aren’t I?  Anything that could possibly interrupt me has happened today.  LOL  When I got up this morning, I just had to package this kit up and post it.  HA!  If it wasn’t the phone, it was the door.  Sarah came home for lunch and I had a few calls to make.  But, at last and finally, here are the next two(2) parts of “Cat in a Basket” for you.  The links follow the preview.  Then, go to see Miss Edna for her two(2) parts, if you haven’t already.  Click on her preview to go to her blog.  Next week we will give you the last two(2) parts.  We did the QP’s for the first week, now, these two(2), then, the two(2) next week and you will have a cool new kit!
Miss Edna’s Preview
(Click preview to go to her blog)
There ya go!  I put in a whole bunch of accessories for you to use to decorate your sweet pet’s photos.  And, Miss Edna has put some St Patrick’s Day goodies in hers.  Hope you have a good time with this kit!  Thank you ever so much for coming to visit.
Until next time,
Check out the latest rage in Japan, LED Smiles!  Though, I doubt many are wearing them right now.  Remember our earth-mates in your prayers and thoughts.
I wanted to say a great, big, ol’ Thanks, Ya’ll, for all the sweet messages you sent after losing Chelsea.  It warmed my tired, old heart.  Thank You!

SU CheshireCat

On Holiday

Hi, All!  I’m digging my visit wityh Miss Edna and Tootsie here in Kissimmee!  What fun!  We’ve been pretty busy doing nothing!  LOL  We have our laptops and have talked a blue streak about ‘puter stuff, staying up to 4:00 am the other night.  It is so very relaxing.  I miss the hell out of the g-kids, but, hey, I’ll see plenty of them when I get back. Go to Miss Edna’s Place blog where she has posted a couple of photos, if you like.   There have been wildfires along the Atlantic coast.  They’re along I-95 which runs the length of Florida.  The authorities have closed parts of the interstate in several spots from time to time.  It has been very windy, fanning the flames and making it worse.  Then, when they thought they had it under control, the wind changed directions and it got bad again.  It isn’t real close to us, where we are, but, there is a haze from time to time that isn’t very nice.  I sure hope they get a grip on it soon!  People’s homes, acres of land and all the wildlife are in crisis!  I don’t have a thing to give today other than my gratitude for all the good people that take the time to read my drivel. LOL I rather ‘shut-down’ when I’m on HOLIDAY! LOL We’re working on this month’s new kit to have it ready for you on Monday. This month we’re doing “Cat in a Basket”. The colors are really nice, too! Be sure and come back Monday.

That’s it for the time being.  It is almost time for my nap.  LOL  I just wanted to say “Hi” to you all and hope you all are well and in good spirits!
Til next time,



SuSU CheshireCat

Links and Freebie

(All images in this post are linked to the website of their origin.)

Well, hello there!  I made it!  LOL  These past few weeks have been strange, for lack of a better term.  The holidays and some things that are going on in my life just got the better of me.  I’m feeling much better now, though.  Hopefully, things will stay on an even keel for a while.  It’s a new year.  Perhaps it will be a better year.  Here’s to hoping the same for each of you!

One of the websites that I like a lot is Kim Klassen’s Cafe.  Kim is an artiste with textures.  She weaves her magic with her products which lend an air of beauty to any simple photograph.  In the days leading up to the New Year, Kim wrote about assigning one word that will identify this new time.  She went over the past year and what it had brought.  Ultimately, “build” became the word.  She says that, no matter what we are doing, we should look at each event in our lives as a step in the building process of our being.  Or, that is how I interpreted what she writes.  LOL  With each step, we build our character, even in times where we feel we have gained nothing from an experience.  Life little lessons.  Sigh.  We can use these experiences to improve future situations.  That is what it is all about.  We get hit with something and how we handle it determines how we do so in the future.  Right or wrong, there is still a lesson there, as a rule.  Plus, Kim’s textures are awesome!  If you sign up for updates, you get free textures by e-mail, which are just gorgeous!  Here is one she did recently, along with a photo in which she applied it.
(You can download this on her site – click on image)

Isn’t that something else?  Who knew a simple shed in the snow could be so lovely?!

This next site is one I have written about before.  I just love Vintage Vectors!  There’s that ‘V’ word again.  Yes, you can use vectors in Photoshop!  LOL  The sitemaster, Eric, is starting something new this year.  In addition to the really neat vectors that have been offered, free and with liberal terms, he is adding colored versions of the pieces as well.  In his files, I noticed he has both, the black and white vector and the colored version in both the .ai and the .psd format.  What more do you need!  The subject of the vectors is widely varied.  There are antique images, cherubs, beautiful flowers and ornaments and some rather interesting items, such as an old pipe organ, which looks as if it just came from the pages of a Poe story.  Below, is one image of recent offerings:
With the new format, here is what just came out:
See what I mean?!  Pay these good people a visit.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed!
In my travels around the net, I scrutinize links.  If you visit a site that has some awesome designs, pay attention to their lists of followers, friends and their blog-rolls.  Check out some of those links!  There may be treasures there.  I found such treasures recently at PeHaa’s blog.  She is an Illustrator artist with a unique style.  She creates vector patterns that are absolutely to die for!  LOL  The artist lives in Poland and, from the looks of her style, many of her pieces are based on native folk design.  That is how I interpret them.  Here is an ornament she offers:
Isn’t that sweet!?  She has some Photoshop patterns and other pretties, so, go have a look-see.  Also, her Flickr pages are chock-full of these goodies and more!
While looking at PeHaa’s blog, I noticed her “friends” list.  One of those, Pink on Head, attracted my attention.  The link will direct you to an article where she reviews her patterns and brushes.  It will give you a good idea of what it is she does.  Her brushes are unique, several following artistic images of vintage ladies, fashions, even some vintage postcards.
  With vintage being so popular, I thought her goodies rated a link.  Go see for yourself.  Again, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
So, that is what I have found that I want to share. 
Starting next Monday, Miss Edna and I will be at it again!  I want to take a minute, here, and say that I have truly been blessed with a friend in Edna.  That lady!  In my absence, bless her heart, I had her so worried and I feel so bad about it!  It wasn’t intentional.  God knows this year has been a hard one for her.  She lost her dear brother back around Thanksgiving, so, this Christmas was difficult, I’m sure.  She is an amazing friend and an awesome designer!  She just sent me her previews and, well, just wait!  You’ll see!  This collaboration is “A Very Merry New Year”.  Along with several “timely” references to the New Year, she includes some gorgeous elements!  That’s all I am going to say, for now.  Monday, you will see what I mean.  On that day, we will start with two(2) parts each for you, free to download.  Then, for the next few weeks, two, most likely, we will continue until you have all of the parts to both of our contributions.  In the recent past, we’ve done some awesome collections.  The posts with all the links, both on my blog and hers, are still there, if you missed any or want to go see them yourself.  Miss Edna is also doing some other stuff and posts it on her blog, Miss Edna’s Place.  Click on over if you’ve never been blessed with what she contributes to this community.  She is also an awesome photographer and she’s one hell of a lady!

So!  There ya go!  These links should keep you busy for the rest of the afternoon.  Pay attention to the links when you come upon a blog or website that you like.  Chances are, their friends and associates are into similar or supportive content(resources).  There are more sites to tell about and I will get to them.  But, rest is calling.  My weary body needs it.  Before I leave, though, I have something for ya.  Back in December, I promised you all a gift before Christmas.  I must have started two(2), maybe three(3) posts on this and, every time, I got distracted with all that was going on.  Anyway, here are some textures that I made.  I hope you can use them and enjoy them.  I had fun making them!  LOL
(click on image to go to MediaFire for download)

Please note that I put these in .jpg format due to size.  The .pngs were HUGE!!  If you find that these don’t work like you want, please leave me a comment and I will re-post them as .pngs.

Yay!  I finished a post!  LOL  Ya’ll have a wonderful week and I will see you on Monday!

Until then, you can be the one who makes a difference when you smile!



SU CheshireCat

Freebie Final Parts Collab with Miss Edna

Good Monday!  Gosh!  It’s the 20th of December!  Do you know what that means!?  Only 3 more days until my birthday!  LOL  Yep, I am one of those lucky individuals who celebrates their birthday at Christmas time.  On the one hand, there are always a lot of pretty lights and music, family and feast and a lot of ‘good will’ on my birthday.  On the other hand, many of my friends go out of town for the holiday.  Plus, it falls when everyone is out of school for the holiday and isn’t around to help me celebrate.  No ‘mom brings cupcakes and punch to school for your class’.  Mine was spent with family more than anyone else and that was fine.  There were several years that my family and I were traveling on my birthday.  We would go to visit my sister for Christmas.  I awoke several birthday mornings in a motel with my family.  On more than one occasion I was told about some neat toy I had wanted, but, that I would have to wait until we returned home to get it – it was too big to bring with on our road trip to my sister’s.  Though I can appreciate the family getting together, I totally think children should be in their own homes for the Christmas morning.
There are some really fun things going on online for the holidays.  I’ve been collecting all kinds of goodies!  Sophisti-Scraps has their annual 17 Days of Christmas”, which, based on previous years, is always a real treat!  Then, Sandy Crea has a gift a day until Christmas.  The offerings are absolutely marvelous!  Each day there is a big bright present posted.  You click on the link and it is just like getting a present!  LOL  The goodies are such fun!  The links are still up, too.  I’m sure you’ve found some more fun Christmas “dailies”.  They’re neat! 
Alrighty!  Today is the third and final installment of my collaboration with Miss Edna, “Visions of Sugar Plums.”  The previous two(2) releases, parts 1-4 of this kit are still up.  See the previous posts.  We give out 2 parts of our kit each in a release, so, today will be parts 5 and 6, the final.  Miss Edna and I got a kick out of doing this fun kit.  You’ve got to get this one!  My parts’ links are below the previews.  After you get those, head over to Miss Edna’s Place and collect her final 2 parts.  Her preview is clickable for her blog.
Miss Edna:
I intend to be back before the big day with a little pressy for all.  Until then,
SMILE!  It’s all the rage – EVERYWHERE!

SU CheshireCat

Freebie Part 3 Collab with Miss Edna & Stuff

Good Monday, everyone!  I trust everyone is getting geared up for Turkey Day.  We’re doing the family dinner here this year.  My DIL and son hosted it last year and it was nice.  This morning, I’m getting Kaleb while she does the shopping.  He’s such a happy little guy!  His daddy, my son, was like that.  That boy sat around smiling all the time!  It was unnerving almost!  LOL  You know the statue of the happy Buddha?  That was my son!  LOL  We used to call him Buddha.  So all the happy Buddha’s and the rest of the gang will all be together on Thursday.
On a bit of a personal note, but, one I can’t hide from, I will have to start with some medical treatments soon, after the first of the year.  I really don’t know how things are going to be for me, but, my hopes are to keep up with my creativity and my blog.  Hell, my ultimate goal is to be able to live longer.  So, I guess, anything would be an improvement.  I kind of hope to share my experience, but, we shall see.  I really don’t know how it will be and I’m scared.  I’m scared stiff!  But, this chick isn’t ready to go in the oven just yet.  LOL
I only have time this morning for one link, before Kaleb-Ethan (pronounced ‘collabathon’) gets here.  I would love to let you know about the newest scrapbook freebie site.  My friend, Jodiann, Get Your Pixel On, and some friends of hers, have started up Freebie Scrap Garden.  If you have a freebie, you submit it to them and it gets posted with the other freebies each day.  They have a very nice selection of goodies!  Jo-jo is such a hoot!  If you’ve ever read her blog posts, you’ll see what I mean.  Give both links a click.  You’ll be a changed person.  LOL  
Today is the third and final part of “All Aboard”.  If you’ve missed the earlier parts, we still have them up so not to worry.  Miss Edna and I are working away at a pretty Christmas kit for you.  It’s looking loverly!  Next week we will both be bringing you the Gothic Inspirations Blog Train for December.  The week after that we will start with the new Christmas kit, “Visions of Sugar Plums”.  As a youngster, I had the book, “Visit from St. Nick”, or “The Night Before Christmas”, as most folks know it.  In the picture for the part, “Visions of sugar plums danced in their heads,” there was a picture of children sleeping in a big bed.  Above their heads was the grandest assortment of candies, fruits, sweets and ‘sugar plum’ I had ever seen.  Still is!  LOL  That is where we got the inspiration for the kit, so, there’s a clue.  So, here, then, is the final part to “All Aboard”.  The links to the two parts follows the preview, then, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog to collect her parts, too.
Miss Edna’s:
(Click on preview to go to her blog)
 There ya go!  Ya’ll have a great week!

SU CheshireCat