Damn-it, Blogger! and a Freebie

I spent all morning typing up a post.  It is now 1:30 in the afternoon.  That was how long I spent.  It was kind of long, but, what I feel was interesting.  I put a lot into it – even had pictures!  LOL  I was darned proud of it, too!  But, due to Blogger’s incredible inadequacy at functioning like a proper blog-site, it all disappeared.  I had clicked on ‘Preview’, saw something that I needed to edit and poof!  All, but, the title and the very end was gone.  The same thing had happened when I tried to add a caption to one of the images.  The image just vanished!  I had to replace it – twice!  I just don’t have it in me to re-type it.  In fact, the next time I post anything, I am heading over to my Word Press site, or anywhere else.  Screw this!  Anyway, this page-kit is what was at the end of my post.  It was the only part that didn’t disappear!  LOL  (Click on preview to go to Minus.com to download):  

And, I do know that there aren’t any labels on the preview.  I did that on purpose.  It had to do with my post – the one that disappeared.


Enjoy!  Until next time…

Smile!(My Granddaughter)

SU CheshireCat

Hi, all!  I’m about back to the norm, give or take a little.  I still get a nap in when I feel sluggish and I haven’t gone back on the treatments I was getting, yet, so, I feel pretty good.  I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to comment and to make me feel better!  
Until recently, I never knew how many readers I get.  When Tom did the evaluation on my blog, it came up and I found my Stats.  You can see yours, if you use Blogger, too, by going to your Blogger Dashboard and clicking on ‘Stats’ in the menu bar:

  I don’t have a lot of readers, but, that, to me, just isn’t important.  If one person read it, I would still do this.  I would do it just for me.  It’s just that since I do have readers, I give away freebies, tips and links.  One thing I did note was that I could see what posts were more popular.  (It’s that little box that is showing in the middle of the graph.  You hover over the graph and the dates come up in that little box.) From that, I can see what the post was about and use that to know what readers like.  
From Tom, too, was the suggestion to go to other blogs that has similar content as me and see what keywords they use.  Doing this, hitting on good key words is really helpful for people to find your blog when they Google something pertinent.  It’s called Search Engine Optimization(SEO).  For instance, I use ‘scrapbooking’ and ‘freebie’ as two of the keywords whenever I post any of our kits.  That doesn’t put me at the top of Google’s search lists, but, it helps the scrapbook search sites, I believe.  One of those search sites gave instructions to use those two words in your keywords so they could find it.  As it turns out, CraftCrave is at the top of that list and I am picked up by them every time I post a freebie.  You have to go there and ‘register’ your site, if you want them to ‘pick up’ your freebies but, it’s a nice thing to have going on.  I can see from my stats that the bulk of my traffic comes from CraftCrave.  So, I am happy with that.  They can be at the top of the list.  LOL

SU CheshireCat

Finally! Freebie Collab “Sing a Song of Spring” Pts 3 and 4

You all have been so kind!  Thank you for your well wishes!  I know they had a lot to do with feeling better.  I’m still weak, so, I am only going to do a little until I get better.  I have cut back on several of my projects – except this one.  I worked away on it all week.  I think you’ll be happy.  
It’s pretty big!  I made too much to fit in our 6(six) part giveaways, though.  So, I came up with an idea.  Since you all have been so patient, tomorrow I’ll have something ‘extra’ for you.  Then, on Monday, per the regular schedule, I’ll have the last two parts, 5 and 6, for you.  So,
Parts 3 and 4 – Now(Saturday)The Extras – Tomorrow(Sunday)Parts 5 and 6 – The Next Day(Monday)
Three days in a row and you’ll have it all!  LOL
Here are my previews.  The Element preview will link to Part 3 and the Paper preview will link to Part 4.  So, be sure to click on both previews!
Part 3

Part 4

By now you’ve already been to Miss Edna’s Place.  Just in case this is your first venture on to our Collaborations, though, here is her preview.  It is linked to her blog, so, just click on it.  Her parts would have been given away on Monday last, so, the link will take you to that post.
Miss Edna’s Preview

Thank you, again, for all of you and your kindness, and understanding.  I’m a lucky girl to have all of you!  Blessings to you each.
Be sure to come back here tomorrow for the Extras!
Til then,


SU CheshireCat

Just an Update

Hi, All!  I wish I was here to give you the next installment of parts for this month’s freebie.  I have just been too ill.  I tried to wrap some of it up and was so disappointed with what I had done.  I tried to hurry it up and the results were awful!  LOL  I just won’t give away something like that!  I have worked on some new stuff for it and hope to have it up this week.
I miss being in the loop of things, though I have read some of my e-mails and visited a few sites.  Twice, I thought I was on the mend from this flu.  Twice it showed me just who had control!  I can’t hardly breathe!  I’ve had the chills for three weeks!  LOL  One good thing about this, though.  I quit smoking!  Yay!  There is no way I could breathe if I didn’t.
I promise you the wait will be worth it.  Please be patient with me.  I don’t like this, but, I just have to take it very easy.  I will be back and at it soon!  
Lots of love!
SU CheshireCat

New Freebie Collab “Song of Spring”

I am still feeling poorly, so, once again, I will be brief.  Today is the first 2 parts of a new collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place, “Song of Spring”.  The two(2) QP’s are Parts 1 and 2, but are in the same folder.  Click on my preview to go to Minus for download, then, if you haven’t been there already, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog.

Miss Edna’s Place

I really hope to be up and about better real soon!  I hate this!  Either way, next Monday we bring you two more parts to this sweet kit.  ‘Spring’ and ‘Song’!  What better combination could we get right now?
Until then,

SU CheshireCat