Here is a list of some great Resource Sites.  It is a work in progress as sites change or come and go.  Feel free to copy any of them.  Have a visit with these and enjoy!  Be sure to thank the designers and pay heed to their TOU’s.

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Old Book Clip-Art Sites:

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Blog Design:

Snickerdoodle Designs by Karen – Tutorials

At the top of Karen’s page are her Video tutorials.  Scroll on down and there are columns of tutorials for any and everything Photoshop and/or Scrapbooking! There is almost always a PDF you can download of the tutorial! Karen is a natural at explaining things and she will follow through with you if you have any comments or questions. (Many of Karen’s tutorials are linked to the Digital Scrapbooking Studio Blog, where she writes a regular tutorial feature. That site is undergoing some changes at present – Feb ’16. The tutorials are there, but, you must scroll down at the bottom of the pages the links take you to. Trust me! It is worth it!)

tutvid-logoExcellent, detailed, but, short, videos on every aspect of Photoshop’s features that the usual courses/tutorials don’t teach!







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