New Freebie Collab: ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’

Good Monday, everyone!  Gosh!  It seems like forever between posts!  The truth is, I am not happy with this set-up.  I actually find myself missing Blogger.  It was just so much easier.  I had no idea Word Press was so ‘involved’.  LOL  I knew I would have to learn some web stuff, but, it isn’t working out for me at this time.  Maybe if things were calmer I could tackle that, but, everything is always so up in the air.  I have several opportunities to get on with some folks on their sites, with a great deal of storage and with their semi-support.  (I can’t take up their time all the time!  LOL)  I have a domain, but, I don’t know how to sync everything together.  I want the ease of Blogger, the individuality of a private domain and support for whatever I do.  Anyone know of such a place?  LOL  C’est la vie!

I have to go out and about in a little while, so, I won’t take long, here.  Miss Edna and I have a new free collaboration kit for you this month, ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’.  It was fun working on it for all the graphics and festivity that I associate with monkeys, like circuses!  I love the designs that come out of the circus.  The bright colors and the gold swirls are so typically circus-style.  If only the animals were given better treatment!

Today, we give you the first two parts, the 2 QP’s.  Click on the preview below to go to Minus to download.  Then, for the next two Mondays this month, come back and get the remaining 4 parts, 2 each Monday.  After downloading the QP’s, be sure to click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog if you haven’t been there yet.

Miss Edna’s preview (click to visit her blog):

I hope you enjoy this fun kit!  I shall see you next Monday!



Final Parts “Monet’s Garden” Freebie and Links

Hello, there!  Another fine Monday morning, here in sunny Florida.  I do hope it is lovely where you are.  Who could ask for more?  It’s beautiful outside my window!  I may even have to walk the pooch just to enjoy it better!  LOL

One day last week, my granddaughter, who is 5 and just the perfect specimen of a little girl – dress-up, princesses and la-de-dah – had our pup, Sasha, out on the leash.  I was keeping watch on her, from my desk in my room, through my window, but, had not realized yet that she had the dog outside.  I looked up and saw my Granddaughter running full-tilt-boogie towards the main street.  We live in the third house in from a rather busy avenue!  I started yelling for her as I ran to the door.  I still did not know she had the dog outside at this point.  I flew out the door just in time to see her round the corner at the avenue and out of my site.  I had no clue as to why she just suddenly took off!

There happened to be a couple in the yard of the church across the street from my house.  They could see her from where they were, but, I could not.  They realized this and were reporting to me until I got where I could see.  “She stopped!”   “It’s okay!”  I was going as fast as I could with my bum back and all.  I could see cars slowing down, but, not what they were slowing for, other than the child and the dog, which were out of my view.  I was so scared!  I fully expected to find an accident with the dog when I got to where I could see.

When I rounded the corner, finally, there was a truck stopped, with flashers on, in the right-hand lane, blocking traffic.  The driver was out of his truck, holding the dog’s leash and comforting my granddaughter – up on the sidewalk.  Whew!  I took the child’s hand and the driver, after much gratitude from me, handed the leash over to me and I took the dog and my granddaughter home.  It was so rewarding to see that a community was helping me look out for my loved ones.  This guy had stopped to help.  Other cars had slowed way down.  Thank goodness!  Human nature can be so wonderful sometimes!

What tickled me so much, if anything about this situation was ticklish, was seeing that tiny little girl, in her long, dress-up dress, running for all she was worth, after her pup!  The dog had pulled loose from my granddaughter, but, she was right behind her!  I applauded her responsibility to the situation, but, told her she needed to tell an adult next time.  I was very proud of her – just cautious!  That scenario could have ended much worse!  I never knew those short little-girl legs could run so fast!  LOL  It was a sight I won’t soon forget!  LOL

Alrighty, then!  LOL  I have promised you some links for a while now.  I am going to slip them in here, before I give you the last parts to ‘Monet’s Garden’.  The links I offer you are to sites I have found in my visits around the internet that I think you may like.  Most of them are for design-related resources and/or images that one can use for scrapbooking pages and journals.  Ready?  M’kay!

First, I offer you  “EKDuncan:  My Fanciful Muse”, a vintage image and design site where you can snag some really sweet goodies.  Evelyn has the vintage touch, even with her blog design.  She posts some very nice vintage fashion images and some wonderful inspiration.  Check out these ladies in the latest vintage fashions:

Check it out!

Next is a DeviantArt artist who keeps the world supplied with every imaginable accessory to living – in .png format!  LOL  Bluesse.DeviantArt is a wonderful site to visit!  A good majority of the offerings are vintage or retro.  There are sets of Steampunk, floral, Victorian and antique, to name but a few styles of objects.  Here is one set, birdcages:

Each individual image is on a transparent background and all of them range in size from around 500-1000 pxs in size, or larger.  Plan on spending an afternoon there as she has just so much!  But, it will be an afternoon well spent!

This one, PicGifs, is a ‘clip-art’ site much like so many of the rest of those sites.   There are loads of ‘.gifs’, animated emoticons, in addition to a plethora of graphics for any occasion.  But, what really caught my eye was their alphabets!  I thought they’d be nice for the blog.

Click here for more graphics and gifs! Click here for more graphics and gifs! Click here for more graphics and gifs! Click here for more graphics and gifs!

Some of the gifs are animated; some are not.  Their images are cute, either way.  Creating the ‘table’ to show an entire word was a bit of a trick, but, I wanted you to see the possibilities.  I got the ‘how-to’ from ‘Lissa Explains It All’ website.  LEIA is a site that offers directions for almost everything in HTML.  Written by a teen, at the time, I can understand her language!  Anyhow, go to PicGifs and see what all there is – I think you’ll enjoy it!

The last link for today’s post is ‘Mel Stampz’.  From the title, you may see that this is a ‘stamping’ site.   What I enjoy is all of the great patterns this lady has made and shares on her Flick’r pages.  I’m just going to show you this from her blog and leave it up to you!  I am sure you know what to do!  LOL  Check it out!

Mel is very liberal with her terms, too!

Okay!  That is about all I have for today.  There are more – I just don’t want to ramble on too much in one post.  I’ll share others soon!

Now, for the final parts to ‘Monet’s Garden’.  Be sure to go back to previous posts to collect the rest of this kit.  All of my goodies are still available for download in fact.  Just scroll through and have fun!

Click on the first preview, the elements, to download Part 5, and the second preview, the papers, for Part 6.  Then, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog to download her two parts, if you haven’t already.

Part 5

Part 6

Miss Edna’s Preview

And, that is it!  Be sure to return as each and every month, Miss Edna and I make a freebie kit for you.  We give it away, two parts at a time, each, for three Mondays of each month, until you have it all – a total of 12 parts.

I hope you can use something of the information and links I give you today.  As always, if  you have any questions, just ask and I will do my best to answer quickly.

Until then,




Freebie – ‘Monet’s Garden’

Hi, All!  I’m having one of those days!  LOL  Sorry I am so late posting.  I am down in my back.  I’m just going to post the new parts to ‘Monet’s Garden’ and call it a day.  Okay?  I’ll come back when things are better.

Here are the third and fourth parts of this kit.  Click on the Element’s preview for Part 3 and the Papers preview for Part 4.


Part 4

Then, click on Miss Edna’s preview, below, to go to her blog for her two parts if you haven’t already.

I promise to return with some links for you.  Until then,



New Freebie “Monet’s Garden”

A good morning to you all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Did you stock up on ‘NSD’ goodies?  I spent only 20 bucks, but, got a bushel of goodies!  I found some grab bags that were uber-discounted, plus, some other things that were too good to be true!  LOL  I know there were a lot of party-ers around the web this weekend.  Everyone seemed to be in a really fun mood.

Before I get started, I went to the doctor last week.  He had told me he thought I had early stages of COPD.  (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) refers to a group of lung diseases that block airflow as you exhale and make it increasingly difficult for you to breathe.)  When I went in last week, it was to measure my breathing.  I passed the test with flying colours!  It isn’t COPD that is making it hard for me to breathe at times.  Yay!! Since that was negative I still have to go back and have more tests to determine why I’m short of breath still, but, that one was clean!  Thank you to you all for your supportive well-wishes!  They worked!  LOL

At Digital Whisper we had ‘Spring Fling’!  Beginning Saturday morning, we held challenges and we are still giving away prizes to all who participate.  We are drawing winners in each group challenge, too!  The bad part about being a member of the Admin team means that we may not get to participate in some of the challenges.  But, I had a blast anyway!  Between all the fun and hooplah there and all the digi-sales elsewhere, it was a busy weekend!

I want to tell ya’ll about something that I have found that, I think, will interest you.  Always on the look-out for good bargains, I found ‘Sorority Scraps Guild’ from Graphics by PokaDot.  The banner looks like this:

Click on the banner to go to the page that has the information you need on it.  For twelve(12) dollars, you get six(6)-month’s of CU products.  On the first of every month, you get an e-mail with a link.  Go to it and download all the goodies!  It’s like Christmas morning when I get those e-mails!  LOL  There are all kinds of goodies in the monthly packs!  I’ve received brushes, templates, .png element files, ribbons, frames, flowers, and so on and so on!  Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have PS or PSP.  The goodies, like scripts and .pngs, come in both formats where necessary.  It’s all a good thing!  So far, I’ve probably received 20-30 dollars worth of CU stuffs and I’ve only been a member for two months!!

One of the goodies in the ‘Welcome’ pack was a template for a little ‘album’.  I decorated it all pretty and, with PokaDot’s permission, this is one of the QP’s for this month’s new freebie kit from Miss Edna and I, “Monet’s Garden”.  This week we give away the QP freebies, two of them.  Then, for the next two Mondays we will give away two parts  each per week, for a total of 12 parts by month’s end.  Each part is about 30mbs.  After the two QP’s, the remaining parts are all the elements and papers and such so you can make your own layouts!

So, without further delay, here are the Quick Pages for you.  Click on the preview to go to to download.  Then, beneath that, is Miss Edna’s preview.  Click on it to go to her blog if you haven’t been there already.

And, Miss Edna’s Place preview:

That’s a gonna do it for this post.  I have some links and things for you, but, will come back and post again – maybe later today.

Until then, or, at least, next Monday,

You got it!  SMILE!



‘April Showers’ Freebie Collage Sheets

Since I am such a sentimental ol’ fool, I wrote on last post over at my Blogger blog with the last freebies to be offered at that site – three(3) collage sheets.  These are the smaller elements that go with this month’s collaboration with Miss Edna’s Place.  Be sure to visit there to collect the three sheets.

Here is a little preview:

Next Monday, do come back here for the final parts of this pretty kit.

Thank you!