A New Day

Welcome to this blog!  If we haven’t ever ‘met’, my name is ‘Su’ and I am moving over from Blogger.  I can’t believe I lasted this long over there!  But, now, I am moving here permanently.  Screw Blogger!  LOL

My ‘thing’ is digital art and scrapbooking.  When I first got Photoshop, I set out to learn the program on my own, with a little outside help from a course here and an article there.  As I was already an interested member of the scrappin’ community, it seemed only natural to use that to learn on.  I learned to make simple things, like a scrap paper.  From there, as I learned PS, I ventured into other design stuff and started giving away what I make on my blog.  You can see what I have made, and download what you like, on the Suruha-Freespirit Blog.

It is my plan to do the same with this blog, only, now that I am more adept at PS, I will be publishing better quality and a variety of content for the scrapbooking folks.  I am trying to get everything set up here to carry on with my routine.  Until I get the basics down and learn WP, please be patient.

I will be posting scrap stuff right away – next Monday, to be precise.  I am working on a ‘feed’ or, at least, an e-mail alert function so that you will be notified when I do post.  Until then, note this addy so you can come back and read me.  My old Blogger blog will have a forwarding link to here.

It’s nice to have you here.

Thank you!