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On this page I have listed links to all kinds of Stock Resource Sites.  As I peruse the web, I pay attention to what other folks have in their side bars, particularly their favorite links and/or ‘Blog Rolls’.  If they are ‘favorites’, then, they must be worth a visit.  So, I visit and usually find myself pleasantly surprised.

Some of the links are from others’ lists, particularly the ‘stock photo sites’.  These links are good for “digital photo-manipulation”.  I am quite sure they are all free or, at least, there is a “free” section.  As with any stock, though, please, pay heed to each site’s/artist’s Terms of Use.


Feel free to use this list on your own site!  I believe in ‘sharing the wealth’!

The links with an asterisk (*) means that site is one of the new trend of free stock free, with a Creative Commons, if any, conditions. Many are set up so you may sign up to receive a pack of curated photos by e-mail once a week or so.

I recently checked the links and they were all working – 05/2018

If you do find any that aren’t working, please leave me a comment.  Thank you!

1 Million Free Pictures –

Barn Images –

BigFoto –

Burning Well –

(NEW) Stock Photos by Canva –

Car Pictures –

Cepolina –

Coy Dreamer –

Crazy Alice –

Creative Commons Search –

Creativity103 –


Death to Stock –

Design Packs –

Dreams Time –

Every Stock Photo –

Fancy Crave –

Flickr –

Flickr (The Commons) –

Food Everest –

Foodies Feed –

Foter –

Franken Fotos –

Free Food Photos –

Free Health & Fitness Photos –

Free JPG –

Free Mage Bank –

Free Nature Stock –

Free Stocks –

Free Use –

Good Free Photos –

Good Stock Photos –

Gratisography –

High Resolution Photo –

Image After –

IMCreator –

ISO Republic –

JayMantri –

Kaboom Pics * –

Liam’s Pictures from Old Books –

Libre Shot –

Life of Pix –

Magdeleine –

MMT Stock * –

Moni’sPhoto –

Moose –

Morgue File * –

Negative Space * –

New Old Stock –

OpenPhoto –

P D Images –

P D Photo –

Pexels * –

Photo Collections –

Photos Public Domain –

Photo Stock Editor –

Pic Drome * –

Pic Jumbo –

Pics Buffet –,29,38

Pik Wizard –

Pixabay * –

Plixs* –

Pond 5 (Public Domain Project) –

Public Domain Archive –

Public Domain Photos –

Public Domain Pictures –

P X Here –

RawPixel –

Realistic Shots –

ReSplashed –

RGB Stock –

Seishido –

SkitterPhoto –

SplitShire * –

Start Up Stock Photos –

StockExchange –

Stock –

StockSnap –

StokPic * –

Stock Vault –

Street Will * –

U S Gov’t Photos and Images (search page) –

U S Gov’t Photos on Flickr –

Unsplash * –

Visual Hunt –

Visuals by Brain & Storm –

WeSaturate –

Wikimedia Commons –

World Images –

Yernju –


Every year, for the past couple, Budget Stock Photo has put out a downloadable list of the stock sites, sorted into categories. The sites’ terms vary, so, they are organized by the TOU’s. They also list the stock sites on their website. So,
(In the Process of Updating all Links – May 16, 2018)

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