It’s MY House, Freebie & New DD

And, so, another holiday weekend is in the books.  Memorial Day is today.  Everyone had a nice, long weekend.  The family all went camping at the springs.  It was quiet.  It will be quiet a lot more with Sarah and the children moving.  Sarah is buying a place from a friend of hers.  I’m happy for her.  I will miss the babies being here so much.  I love the little guys!
This will be the first time I’ve been on my own in forever!  I’ve always had somebody living here.  At times, I’ve had too many people staying here.  I’ve tried to help out a few friends through the years.  Now, it’s all mine.  It is odd.  I’ve become quite defensive of it lately.  It’s like, okay, I’m alone.  Leave me be!  I have found myself wishing people would leave or not stop by.  Is that bad?
This whole thing with Sarah moving has actually been quite hard for me.  I have spent many an hour stressing and worrying over it.  Will they have enough?  Can Sarah do it?  How will the children be?  I dunno.  I just worry.  I know her situation.  But, with all my concern, now that it has come about and she has moved, I want the place to myself!
I have two other bedrooms to decide what to do with.  I don’t exactly need a den.  I could use a place for my paints and paper and other crafting stuff.  I’m debating as to whether to move my computer into this room.  The other room will still have the grandchildren’s beds.  Sarah bought them new beds for the new house.  That way, the grandchildren can sleep there when they stay over at Granny’s.  LOL
Be sure you check out the slideshow at the top of page.  It’s the new FREE Daily Download from Magickal Scraps.  This month’s collaboration is called “My Summer Garden”.  Be sure to collect the whole kit by visiting each day for the pieces.
Last, but, not the least, I have made a little kit for the Color Challenge over at Magickal Scraps forum.  It’s called “Vino” and the preview is below.  I made some pretty brocade papers and some with grape patterns.  Have fun!
(Click on image to go to 4Shared for download.)

With that, I bid you adieu until next time.  Don’t forget to 

SU CheshireCat

4 thoughts on “It’s MY House, Freebie & New DD

  1. What a lovely kit, Su. Nice to see you back here. I know what you mean about the empty house. Sometimes it's nice to wallow in the quiet. And there's always room for family when they come by.I hope all works out well for your little ones. I agree, they are most important. Have a great day, Edna B.


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