So Long, Old Friend

In Loving Memory – “Chelsea” 1996-2011
My sweet Chelsea is no longer with us.  She was fourteen years old.  This is so very difficult as she was my companion for the past twelve years.  I’m so used to her being ‘there’.  She was a great watch dog, in that she would let out a bark if she heard anything that didn’t sound right.  Always a gentle, peaceful lady, my “Neener-girl” knew me so well.  She could read my face and would be all concerned until I was okay.  She loved to lick hands and would sit for hours, sometimes, just holding and licking on my hand or my son’s.  
Here she is sitting in the middle of a pampas-grass plant, like it was her nest.  LOL 

She never did have puppies, but, she was so gentle with small children.  She preferred to stay away from them, but, like if my grand-daughter sat by her and petted her, she would patiently sit with her.  My grand-daughter, J, who is four-and-a-half, was hysterical when she found out.  She really loved Chelsea.  She was forever sitting with her, reading her a story, putting a hat on her, whatever.  When she was with Chelsea was about the only time J was calm.  That just occurred to me.

Chelsea was always pretty healthy.  Around three or four months ago, she began having a lot of ‘accidents’.  She was getting slower and slower at climbing the four steps up onto our porch to come in and out, so, I think some of the accidents were to avoid her having to navigate the stairs.  Her ‘breed’ has rather skinny legs and a barrel-shaped body.  I always had to watch her weight because I knew if she got too heavy her legs wouldn’t hold her as an old lady.
The other day, Chelsea began panting, like she was having trouble cooling off.  A few times she just fell down, like, she collapsed for a brief moment.  She was making some raspy breathing sounds, too.  She wanted outside, so, I let her out and she went straight to my son’s jeep, in the very back of the yard, and got under it.  She pretty much stayed there all day long.  Now, I think she knew she was dying, so, she was getting as far away from me as possible.  She didn’t seem to mind my daughter going out to where she was and sitting with her.  But, if I went out there, she would get up and move.  I’m ultra sensitive and very emotional.  She seemed to know this.
My daughter and son took Chelsea to the vet that night.  There was an upper-respiratory infection, so, her breathing was almost nil.  She was also running a fever.  The decision was made to end her suffering, because of her age and how crippled she was.  But, that is such a hard decision to make.  I feel better about her now, because I know she is not in pain anymore.  (If you feel differently, please don’t get down on me.  She was suffering.)
I just had to pay tribute to my dearest friend.  Chelsea never judged me, never got mad at me, and loved to ‘spoon’ on cold winter nights.  She wasn’t a huge dog, at all, but, I guess about 45 or 50 pounds.  But, she kept me warm!  LOL  She was just a good dog!  I’m sure going to miss her!
My Neener-girl is at peace now.  Her body no longer causes her pain since she left it behind to go join her fur-friends in the big ‘dog park’ in the sky.  Rest in peace, little dog! 
Blessings, All!  Thank you for reading this. 
Miss Edna and I will be releasing the third and final parts to our February collaboration, “My Fair Lady”, on Monday.  I’ll see you then!

How about a rain check on that smile?  Another time.  I don’t feel like doing much of anything, right now.  But, I’ll be okay.  LOL  I’m a big girl!

SU CheshireCat

7 thoughts on “So Long, Old Friend

  1. First I am soo sorry for your loss 😦 I know how hard it is to loose a dear pet and I personally feel you made the right choice for you and your friend Chelsea.Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving some smiles and kind words behind the other day…they very appreciated :)Take care and find peace…


  2. Chelsea was your 'soul-dog'. And your tribute to her is so special…like she was. We who have owned such animals and lost them, know the pain that comes with death. But we also know how happy they made us (and visa versa). She was one lucky puppy to have you as a Mom.Sending warm hugs, Jan


  3. Su,I am so sorry to hear that your Chelsea is gone. You did the right thing, and she is no longer suffering. I know the pain of losing your best friend weighs heavy on your heart, but hopefully all the wonderful memories will help you through this. Hugs from me and a lick from Tootsie.


  4. So sorry to hear about your Chelsea! We all know that one day we will have to say goodbye to our pets, but it is real hard, I know all about it. You will miss her, and it will get better, but there always will be moments you really miss her more than on other days. I think you did the good thing for her, cause she was in pain and together with her age, you had to let her go!It's sad, but gives peace to your heart knowing you did the best for her at her last moments.Remembering her will be the best “thanks”for Chelsea to have for all the joy she brought you.HugsKyra


  5. Su, so sorry to hear about your best friend. I know you will miss her and think of her a lot. I hope peace comes to you soon. I hate to think of the day I have to loose my Rocco, but she may live to be a 100 so hopefully I will go first. But I know you will be there for me as well if Rocco should go first. Love to you, LoriRuth


  6. I am so sorry to hear your sad news. It's always hard to loose a pet, our special friends.Take comfort that she is now free and pain is no more. Think on the store of great times you shared and smile.


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