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Happy HUMP Day, you all!  I love my new computer!  It’s so fast!  I still want  a new keyboard, but, hey!  I am not complaining.  I spent some time working on Photoshop and it takes no time now!  I can get so much more done!  Big HUGS to my PC Guy!  (notice it’s capitalized – LOL)
I have a few things for you.  I have been getting up and about a lot more.  It is a far cry better than laying around!  Sheesh!  In my catching up, I ran across a couple things to tell you.  Shall we get started?
Whilst searching for stock for a project at DW, I found a link to a website that has the most awesome ‘fantasy’ stuffs!  Bella Donna Designs is an awesome site!  To start, she, Diana Hlive, is an artist and an author.  There is her shop, with her art, of course, but, also, you can purchase lots of goodies decorated with her art.  Okay?  Then, she has her Books.  Her latest, “The Secret of the Fairies”, is a guide, a must have, for all the fairy lovers.  There is information and things you can do and make to facilitate the wee ones. But, that is not all.  She makes ‘Artist Supplies’ that are FREE.  All she asks in return is a mention.  She makes gorgeous textures and posers and stamps.  You really must see what she has there!  The things are so colorful and pretty!  Be sure, too, to check out her video page in “About Me”.  Nice!
I have been adding to my “Resources” page.  The link is at the top of the page beneath the header.  When I get more links in there, I will post an article about it.  Right now, I am in the process and there are only a few new ones.  If you’ve never gone there, give it a try.  I have it sorted into categories so you can find what you like.
I have another link for you.  I may have written on this site before, but, I’m not sure.  “World Label” has some really great labels you can download for free.  They are real in to ‘vintage’, so, look for all the sweet old tags and labels.  There is an article on old-fashioned flour labels.  At the bottom of the posts are links to download the .PDFs of the labels, in color, some in multiple color choices.  Check out these labels:
If you click on the image, you will be taken to a little project using these vintage labels.  At the bottom of the article is the download.  There are labels you can color or add your own words to, also.  Like these ‘Apothecary’ labels.:
(click on preview to go to article to download)
You could use these for journal blocks or tags.  And, lest we forget, a .PDF can be opened in Photoshop.  They are both Adobe.
That’s a gonna do it for tonight.  I am off to go play with some photo-manipulations.  LOL  I love working with stock images, tweeking them this way and that, extracting the best parts and, then, putting them together in a new fantasy image.  I’ll have to post some more of my works.
  But, before I go, I do have something for you.  I had found these labels on one of the vector sites.  They had ‘example text’ in all the blank areas where one would place their words.  So, I cleaned them up and put them in .PNG format so I could share them with you.  The colors actually match the last collaboration Miss Edna and I did for April.  Click on the preview to download.
But, that is not all!  I also made these!  Each ‘edge’ or ‘border’ is separate.  Mix and match them.  Change the colors if you like.  They look cool on a page’s side, with elements coming out from behind them.  Click on preview to download.
Now, I’m done!  I must go lay down!  LOL  Do remember to

SU CheshireCat

6 thoughts on “Freebie Labels & Links

  1. beautiful , thank you ! Btw , the 'hands' holding the cards look really good : would you consider offering them as freebie 🙂 ? apreciated


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