Greetings!  Wow!  A New Year!  Yay!  The holidays are behind us!  Yay!  The children return to school tomorrow!  Yay!  And, tomorrow, this banking holiday nightmare will be over!  Yay!  LOL  Has anyone else had problems arise from the lengthy holiday weekend and it’s effect on business/banking hours?  Sheesh!  Why is it that bank runs debits to an account go through before the credits?  I just don’t understand!  LOL!  Oh, well!  I’ll deal with it tomorrow!
I was perusing the web over the past few days, seeing what’s new in the design/Photoshop/scrapbooking communities and found a couple of things to share with ya’ll.  I am a member of All Free Digi Scraps group on Yahoo.  If you have a freebie to offer on your blog, this is the place to post it.  Your post will be delivered to a whole bunch of members who can go download your goodies.  The group was started by my dear friend and mentor, Stella Raye, 4 years ago this month.  Her purpose was to create a place where you give and receive JUST FREE ITEMS.  In other words, it’s great free advertisement for your blog or store as long as the item is free.  If you want to receive ads for stores with sales, etc, this is not the place.  This is just for freebies.  
Having clarified that, LOL, I want to tell you about this one member who sent out a mailing for one of her cute freebies, Brenda, from DitzBitz.  So, I clicked the link to go to her blog to see and download the freebie.  While I was there, I took a look around.  She has some really nice things – a nice CU section, some Vintage, Steampunk, Floral, you name it!  And, her things are good quality, too.  I noticed, too, some ‘Newsletter Freebies’.  These are typically freebies that are given to subscribers of one’s newsletter.  If you happen to subscribe at the time the newsletter comes out, you’ll probably receive the current copy.  If you subscribe ‘mid-posting’, though, you lose out.  You have to wait til the next one comes out.  Not at Ditz Bitz!  LOL  I saw a couple of the freebies that were from the newsletter and subscribed anyway, not thinking I would ever get that issue.  She sent me the links to those freebies

SU CheshireCat

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