Granny Scraps Jaela and a Freebie

If it seems like I am being really creative, it is just my distraction for the pain. Much more of this and I’ll be able to stock an entire store. LOL Sitting down to Photoshop and putting things together for a design is such a relaxing time for me. I get so in to what I am doing, I don’t notice much else. So, when the hurting gets too much, I try to occupy myself with something to keep from screaming. LOL

Anyway, I have another little mini-kit today. I was just puttering around. Purple and green are one of my favorite color combinations, so, I dabbled with them. A couple of papers, a frame overlay, several ribbons, a bow, a tag and several swirls make up this kit I call “Plum Pretty”. My granddaughter is sure ‘plum pretty’, too. LOL The pictures in the layout are of Jaela at my son’s wedding celebration. She was in her element, sitting in everyone’s lap and treating herself to the cake and goodies. She’s a cutie-pie, if I say so, myself. She sure had fun!

Plum Pretty

(Click on the kit image to go to MediaFire to download)
I apologize for any problems with this link. I think I fixed it, but, just in case, here is the link to MediaFire:

Thank you very much for visiting today. Please, do come again.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

5 thoughts on “Granny Scraps Jaela and a Freebie

  1. Hi Su, at last I am here again! Boy, you've been busy girl! And every time you make nicer and nicer things! So sorry for you that you suffer so much pain on and off. It must give you real hard times, and worst of all is that I cannot do anything to help you with it. Grrr, people are capable of a lot of things, but sometimes we are so helpless at the same time. Oh, just thought of something, just a suggestion. Wouldn't it be nice if you put the title of your kits also on the kits preview? It could make it even more catching. Your granddaughter looks lovely on your layout. I can imagine you're proud of her!Okay I'm off again, we'll meet again, for sure on our forum, LOL!Bless you, hugsKyra


  2. Hi Su, again! Wow, you're quick! Changed the preview already!Make it next time a little bit bigger and “in sight” Then it will look wonderful! Glad you don;t mind me middling in “your”business LOL. Just trying to help, true!!! Have a rather painless weekend and let it be a joyful one! HugsKyra


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