Scrambling to Wrap Up and Get Well

Don’t ask. LOL I have been, uh, tied up this past few weeks. I had some back problems that I had to go get medical care over. All is alright, now, though, and I am coming back, bit by bit. I am the worst patient! I prefer to just be left alone when I am infirm or hurt. I guess when you have enough stuff going on with your body, it becomes kind of a touchy subject. One I tend to keep to myself. Having said that, WAH!

I really am grateful to the ladies on the forum at Magickal Scraps for their unending concern and their touching well-wishes. I’m such a ditz, not to mention the drugs, the thread had to be pointed out to me by Snowy, but, you should see what they did! LOL Just look! Aren’t these cards/layouts just beautiful?!




Here is my “Thank You” card I posted on the forum to all the folks at Magickal Scraps:
They sure know how to make a girl feel better! LOL To the others who had kind words, I thank you, as well. Now, for the goodies.

I usually post goodies that I made for the challenges at Magickal Scraps, or anywhere else. Having been out of commission for most of the month, I got a lot of designing in, I just have not been able to put any of it together. I am feeling so much better, but, I can’t sit in my usual PC position for very long. Plus, I don’t know. It seems like it is getting harder and harder to mend back to my old self. I hate getting old(er)! LOL!!

Anyway, I was doing some of the stuff and got side-tracked tonight. I spent forever looking for something I wanted online. I found variations, but, not what I wanted, specifically. So, I make them! I love the ‘swirly, striped tentacles’ I have seen in a Suess-themed brush set and elsewhere. I found a set of ‘tentacle’ brushes and striped them, myself. I had also been on the look-out for a nice ‘curly tree’. Bada-bing! LOL made one of those, too. Since I have nothing else ready, I am offering these to you, now, free, of course. Commercial use is okay for them, too. Credit it entirely up to you.

Here is what I made. Click on the image to go to MediaFire to download.
Slight drop shadow for preview purposes.

In other news…

My son, who married earlier this year, and his wife are expecting a baby. It’s so cool seeing him all ‘about’ babies. LOL I have two grand babies by my youngest daughter, but, this is my son. His wife is precious! The due date is January 27 of 2010. She started her prenatal care with a doctor, here, last week. We got a CD with images from the ‘ultra-sound’. You know I have to show you! LOL

Look at that baby! It’s just lying in there, taking it easy! It’s hard to tell what everything is, but, it sure looks like it has my son’s chin. ROFL!!

I will get all my creative goodies wrapped up real soon. When I do I will post more goodies. Which reminds me that I have a few things to share. At Magickal Scraps forum, there are only a few days left to finish up the challenges, but, they are so worth it. Snowy has us learning so many different things, it’s almost like college. The bonuses, and the collection of goodies made for the challenges by the other members, add up to quite a bounty at month’s end. Then, there is the Daily Download, too. My gosh! I almost forgot about it! Oops! One great thing about the DD’s at Magickal Scraps – Snowy leaves them up. You miss a few days and you can still go back and collect any parts you missed. This month the DD has been “Crayola Carden”. You can just imagine, from the title, all the colors, eh? One more thing about MS, Snowy regularly creates “Designer Resources” for us and posts them on her blog. The lady makes the most beautiful things and gives them away for others to create with. For that matter, several of the ladies do this. They design for the store, but, will post their treats on their blogs with links in the forum. There is so much to take in! LOL Pay a visit. You’ll be glad you did.

When I first started digital scrapping, I met Stella at Cottage Scrapbooks. This wonderful lady taught me so much. Other folks on that site, as well as, good folks around the community, were so friendly and helpful. I learned quite a bit, but, I also learned a lot about exploring on my own. I was completely rocked and saddened when Cottage went away. There was a major break down of the server. Stella had just moved back from Australia to Canada and had virtually no time at all to recover the site. She took a break.

Since then, I have kept company with many of the same folks, at different places, and on their blogs. But, I have also explored the internet, checking out scrapbooking sites and folks’ blogs. I have found a few places I like to frequent, other than my Magickal Scraps addiction. LOL I’ve tried my hand at interpretting French, Romanian, Spanish, and other tongues, in my quest to see what others are doing with their craft. I’ve found there are some talented folks in this world! It is wonderful! The biggest reward, after getting to meet such a vast variety of great individuals from every walk of life and locality on the globe, has been the offerings. Not just the random kit or overlay, but, the whole picture – tutorials, elements, masks, QP’s, ribbons, swirls, alphas, and so on, along with shared life styles and stories.

I thought it would be fun to collect some of these good finds and share them with folks here. I’ve gone and worn myself down, this evening, but, I will start collecting and listing what I find that might be of interest to someone else. For tonite, I want you to know about “Lord of Design”. You have just got to go see this site for your self! Every form of resource imaginable is on their pages. You must be cautious of the TOU’s of each of the different designers. LOD doesn’t make this very easy, but, it is worth the effort.

One other site for your perusing pleasure is “Blue Vertigo”. They are probably the best resource listing I have seen, yet. Give them a visit and see what I mean.

Okay! From recovery to pretties to babies, back to design stuff! Whew! I could write more as I have it to write. I haven’t done this in almost a month! But, the meds are wearing off and I really don’t want to take any more tonight. I just want to lay down and rest. LOL

Thank you for your visit.

(In Yoga: “The Light in Me Honors the Light in You”)

12 thoughts on “Scrambling to Wrap Up and Get Well

  1. Sue, I was on the creative team for Cottage Scrapbooks, and was extremely heartbroken to see that the site could not be revived. It truly was a “family”, and I miss it even now. I just want to thank you for your little gifts. They are most appreciated! Feel Better!Charlene


  2. Hi Su, thank you so much for sharing this photo of your new precious grandchild. Isn't it wonderful to have photos from ultrasounds and be able to follow the growth of a new life.Thank you also for these links – mmmm – now I know what I will be doing tomorrow – lol. Just what I need – something else to browse on the computer – hehe.Hugs to you, Keryn x x


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