I’m Published & Magickal Birthday Celebration

First thing this morning, I checked my e-mail and noticed I had become a member to the “Fuel Brand Networks”.  Since I don’t have a membership, it dawned on me – this might be because of my article that I wrote for the “Fuel Your Creativity” website, one of the Fuel Brands’ networks. ( If you click the link to FYC, go to the upper right-hand side to their menu bar and click on Fuel Brand Networks, you will see all of the various platforms in which they are involved.)  So, I logged in and WALLAH, there it/I was!  
“5 Tips to Study By” was posted this morning.  This is the first time an article of mine has been posted on a website, much less one of the caliber of the Fuel Brand Network.  I had posted a comment to a discussion we were having on “Learning vs. Being Taught”.  Rob Bowen contacted me about writing the piece.  That was a week ago.  Now, I am ‘published’!!  (I always wanted to say that) 
I should send a link to Dr. O’Connell.  LOL  I found a local newspaper article about her.  She is the co-author of “Choice and Change: The Psychology of Personal Growth and Interpersonal Relationships”, Prentice Hall 2005.

Kudos, Dr. O’Connell!!

If you are wondering how this fits in with design, well, Rob explains this in the intro to the article.  We all go through our lives learning things.  Right now, I am in the midst of learning Photoshop.  Applying the principles that I learned from this class has been my saving grace.  I may not use all of them, but, a few stay with me, daily.  As soon as I find a “dependable‘ and good Photoshop course online, I’ll apply all that I need.
Incidentally, the other folks who also signed up for the free 6-month course are screaming “bait and switch” over on their forum.  I don’t know that these people could teach a cat to squat by the time this mess is over.  They just were not prepared.

So, I am working on a couple of things.  When they are ready, I’ll post them here.  I had to take a few days to recuperate after the chat we had over at Magickal Scraps forum on Friday evening.  Every time we have a chat, we never get any scrapping done.  We talk about all the ‘girl’ things and R-rated things we can’t talk about on the public forum.  It was hilarious, as usual.  But, I am always left with sore tummy muscles from laughing so much.  I’m sure that Snowy, Kyra, Edna, Nana, Marianna, and Crystal all experienced this, as well.  
One of the things that is coming up is Magickal Scraps First Birthday.  They are a year old now!  There is going to be quite a celebration!  The ladies have been working hard on a cool theme, “Just Magickal“.  Wait until you see the kit they made for the shop!  OMG!  Birthday!  Magick!  What more could we want?! There will be a sale to mark this milestone, as well as, all kinds of free downloads.  We’re also doing a BLOG TRAIN.  I am working on my part, now, since I was asked to contribute to this happy celebration.  The Blog Train comes this weekend.  So, look for us!
 Until later, CIAOU!


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