Freebie & the Cold

Greetings to everyone!  The world is in a deep freeze!  LOL  Almost everywhere I turn, I know someone who is experiencing extreme cold and/or lots of snow, all over this planet.
Come and warm your hands over the fire.
This is my favorite time of the year.  It is so much easier to get warm than it is to get cooled off when it is hot.  I live in Florida and know hot pretty well.  LOL  I sit, here, now, with socks and long-johns, long sleeves and a heavy house coat over my lap.  The thermostat is set at 78 and it is still cold.  My old house is built up on pilings, about a foot or so off the ground.  When any wind blows through that space under the house, the cold comes up through the old boards of the floor.  Of all places to put the heating vents, the ‘contractor’ put them on the ceiling.  In the winter time I have a law that you must wear slippers or, at least, socks in my house.  I buy the children and grandchildren slippers for the holidays.  With socks and slippers, my feet are still like pop-cycles!  LOL
Baby Kaleb’s heart monitor has not gone off since he came home the other day.  Yay!  I want to thank everyone for sending their well-wishes and notes of encouragement.  I do believe that all the support from so many people has made a difference on the little guy.  How could he not feel that much love?  LOL  I am so grateful and blessed!
I am currently working on a little something for Magickal Scraps January Brush Challenge.  Then, my dear friend and forum-mate, Kyra, had a birthday.  Yep!  I’m pretty sure she thinks I forgot.  No, I remembered.  I’m just slow.  They have pretty well come to expect that over there.  They don’t seem to mind.  LOL  Bless you all!  Anyway, I made a layout which I turned into a quick page.  And, so, in honor of Kyra’s Birthday:  
Happy Birthday, dearest Kyra!
You can download it from MediaFire by clicking on the first image.
Here is what it looks like with an image behind it.

I hope someone can use it and that you enjoy!  Thanks for your interest in my post.  I thank you, too, for your good thoughts for my baby grandson.


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