Freebie Pts 5 & 6 and My Art

Good Monday to you all!  I made it!  I miss my little dog, but, I will be okay.  The house was so quiet over the weekend.  I kept thinking I heard her toenails clacking across the floor behind me.  Once, I thought I heard her scratching at the door and, out of habit, got up to go open it.  Then, I realized it couldn’t be her.  I was afraid to look.  What would I do if she had been there?!  Did you ever read “Pet Sematary”, by Stephen King?  I just need to get used to the house’s sounds without her in it.
I’ve noticed that when something gets me in a funk, I get into my art and stuff.  I guess I try to tune everything else out and it works pretty good.  Last week I worked on a piece for a Digital Whisper’s challenge.  We’re doing ‘photo-manipulations’ and trying to perfect them.  ‘Treehouse’ was the theme and we were given the trees and house.  I used one of the trees, but, I did something else for the house.  I spent quite a considerable amount of time on it, because it got me away from everything.  Here is that piece:
(Click to enlarge)
Each element of the work is a separate image, the cityscape, the tree, rocks, woods, vines, etc.  I put them all together and blended them to make it appear as one image.  It’s fun and I learned some new stuff.  There are a few things I want to work on, but, overall, I’m happy with it and it was wonderfully therapeutic!
On the subject of Digital Whisper, we put out a book!  Kimmie collected from us a piece of our art and a little story about us and compiled them all in a nice book.  “Digital Whispers of Artistic Souls” is our baby!  All of the art is pieces that each of us favored.  I used my piece, “By the Lake”, which I have in my DeviantArt gallery.
I hope to be able to purchase one of the books soon.  I’ve never had my art in print before!
And, now, what you have been waiting for, the last two parts for “My Fair Lady”.  Each of my previews is linked to a part.  Be sure you click on both.  Then, click on Miss Edna’s preview to go to her blog for her two parts.  Miss Edna and I are going on vacation next week – together.  But, we will be back in March for another goody kit.
Part 5
 Part 6:
Click image to go to Miss Edna’s Place:
Until next time!
Smile pretty!


SU CheshireCat

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