Hello from ‘another’ sunny spot in Florida!  I’m on vacation with Miss Edna!  She has a time-share condo further down state from where I live, so, when she came down this year, I met up with her.  She’s even neater in real life.  LOL  You know what I mean!  It is wierd meeting someone you’ve only known via the internet before.  We’ve spoken by phone a lot prior to this, so, we’ve gotten to know one another fairly well.  It feels like I’m with an old friend.  I am enjoying it so much! Edna and I have been super busy showing and sharing with each other stuff we each have, as far as files and sofware, and showing each other stuff we know.  We get on famously!  The only problem we’re having is this stupid condo doesn’t have internet!  One pays a lot to maintain a time-share and internet is so common, if not necessary, these days.  They keep telling her they will have it installed every year, but, still haven’t done so.  They have a computer room, but, it only has one hook-up for a laptop, which is what she and I both brought with us.  There are three pc’s, but, all my stuff is on my laptop, as is Edna’s and most everyone else staying here.  I’m trying to download a trial version of Photoshop as I forgot to bring my disc.  It is taking me forever!  LOL  I have to let other people have their time on it and it just sucks!  Overall, I guess it is a nice place.  It’s very clean and kinda pretty in decor.  The landscape is nice with all the palm trees and flowers in bloom.  We’ve both done all the touristy stuff there is to do around here, like Disney and the other amusement parks, so, she and I is chillin’!  Oh, and Tootsie, too!  Tootsie is Edna’s sweet little pup.  Spoiled rotton, that one!  LOL  But, oh, so good.  She tolerated the fligh and being in a new place very well.  She’s really a sport!  She makes me miss my Chelsea-girl, but, at the same time, she’s helping, too.  Gosh, I miss her so much! I want to mention a couple of things.  One, Barry’s Place, aka PSPTubez.com, a wonderful site for graphics, transparent .pngs, and PSP tubes and other design elements is running one heck of a special.  You can get three(3) years membership for $39.95!  That comes out to about $1.10 a month.  The website has a bunch of very nice graphics, including patterns, styles, clip-art, brushes, etc.  The .pngs are gorgeous and very colorful!  The site is going through a re-vamp, with the graphics all being spruced up.  It does not interfere with being able to look around and download things.  You should check it out.  For the graphics that are tubes, they also have them in .psd format, too, in case you have Photoshop.  You can’t beat it becasue the terms are great, as well.  The goodies can be used commercially, however, donations for this use are encouraged and not unreasonable at all!  Go pay him and his family and visit and grab the freebie, if nothing else.  His little girl is a doll!  Her photo is on the right-hand side bar.     SU CheshireCat

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